Come look my penis, why don’t ya?!

The following is a fictional story based on an SNL skit that takes place on a nude beach.

One night I was getting out of the shower, when my mom walked in.

“Hey mom.” I said casually. Although my mother hasn’t seen me naked in a while, I didn’t mind her walking in. Now if she caught me wacking it, that’d be a different story.

“Hey honey, sorry to barge in on you.” Said my mom. “That’s okay, what’s up?” I asked. “Just wanted to let you know that dinner is almost ready.” She said. “Oh cool, thanks.” I said.

She looked down at my crotch and said, “Pretty small penis there.” My mother has no filter. But she was right I do have a small penis, so I said “Yeah.” “That’s okay. It doesn’t really matter to women.” She said reassuringly. “Thanks mom.” I said appreciatively.

Still looking at my penis she said, “You certainly are hairy aren’t you?” Laughing as she said and me laughing right along with her. “I certainly am. I wonder who I get it from?” I asked in curiosity. “Oh you get it from me. See?” She said as she pulled down her pants and underpants revealing her pubic hair. “Hey nice hair you got there mom!” I said complimentary like. “I think you mean nice hair we have huh?!” She said laughing at her joke and I laughed too.

“Say? What are you two laughing about in here?” Said my dad as he walked into the bathroom. “Hi dad!” I said while waving at him. “Hey son! Hey pretty small penis!” My dad said pointing to my small penis. “Yeah, I know.” I said. “That’s okay.” Said my dad. “Thanks.” I said appreciatively. My dad looked at my mom’s crotch. “You two comparing pubic styles.” He said laughing as my mom and I laughed along with him. “All right, I better check on dinner.” Said my mom. “Okay, I’m gonna masturbate real quick before dinner.” I said. “All right son, be sure wash your hands afterwards.” Said my dad. “Well do.” Said I. My parents left the bathroom, and once I was alone, I locked the door, and I wacked off.

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  • This was post was to test how the website moderates. Either the people moderating aren’t abiding by rules they set, or fictional posts are allowed.

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