Three-day high-school fag

So; when I was a sophomore in high school(15-16 years old for non-usa people), my family had to move for my dad's work. I didn't much care, I didn't really have any bff's or significant others yet, I figured hey; change of scenery. One thing I did want to do was something I hadn't had the guts to do before; I wanted to try sucking some dick. I figured, I'll never see any of these people again, so when am I ever going to have a better chance? One of the few guys I was on a first name basis with was a school gossip, so I made sure he knew that I was moving in a few days, and before that happened I wanted this to happen, and if anybody in school wanted a free blowjob they could get one in this specific bathroom during my free period, or meet me here after the bell lets us out. In my last three days in that school, it felt like I sucked off half the school three times. I didn't even know 3/4 of the guys. Nothing went in my ass, which to this day, that's my only regret. I drank a lot of cum, figuring 99% of these guys are absolutely virgins, no need to worry about STDs(and this was 20 years ago so I must've been right). Most of these guys I'd seen in the hallways with various girlfriends, so to the best of my knowledge, they weren't openly gay. Then again, I got a lot of repeat business, so maybe I turned a few heads.

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  • I'm in high school now and everyone's kinda figured out about me like way back in 4th grade. It's a funny thing because all the other boys who've been with me make me swear never to tell anyone.

  • Liar. Kill yourself please.

  • You are obviously clueless, fool.

  • You are obviously a murderous rapist.

  • So since the fourth grade you have been getting your ass kicked by both boys and girls!

  • Not really?

  • Bull shit

  • Accepted Girls eat pussy but a man suck one dick hes marked Fagott for life that not right!.

  • Fuck Off, HIV Dispenser!

  • It's right 100%

  • Had a similar idea freshman year too. Figured I was moving so far that it would not matter anymore. I had a gay friend we called skittles who was always flirty. Sucked his cock to an orgasm several times and never looked back.

  • You must be a moron! Kids that are homosexual go to extreme lengths to hide that fact in fear of bullying. It is very slowly changing but homosexual and transgender kids are still being bullied, killed or committing suicide at an alarming rate!

  • Transgender is the new Mental Health Casualty. One bullet can fix that.

  • Good!! They all should self-abort!!

  • Your hostility comes from a lack of acceptance of your own same sex urges.

  • Your ignorance is from your lust for toddlers and their genitalia.

  • Ps. Twenty years ago we where in an AIDS fear and it was being blamed on homosexuality behavior. Plus back then gay people stood a real good chance of getting the shit kicked out of them by strangers, parents as well as students fool!

  • They spread AIDS at considerably higher rates than the general population. They tainted the nation’s blood supply.

  • This story is obviously a bunch of B.S!

  • How much meth did you smoke to get high enough to write this fake crap.

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