Fiancee has sex

My wife and I were going to wait until we were married to have sex. On our wedding night when we had sex I entered her and didn't feel anything stopping me but didn't think much about it. When I asked her the next day she said that she had broken her hymen with a dildo that she played with while she was in college.
A few months later she told me that we were going to have a baby and I was happy that she was pregnant. When she had the baby it was evident that I was not the father since the baby was definitely black. After both our mothers left the birthing room she told me that she had sex with a male stripper who was black when she had her bachelorette party. The matron of honor who was my sister and all four of her bridesmaids watched as the black guy took her virginity. My sister also had sex with the black stripper. She had a black baby a week after my wife did. Now there are two black cousins in my family. My mother asked if I knew how it happened and I told her that my wife had sex with a black guy. I also told her that I loved my wife and it didn't matter to me that another guy had gotten her pregnant.


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  • She saved herself for marriage ? As you can see she was full of shit all along, she fucked the first cock that came along and it wasn't yours.

  • If you were a man you’d have moved on the moment that nigglet made its debut. She saved herself for marriage, just to give it up the night before? IF this story is true, you’re a loser for staying. You’re the butt of more jokes than you’ll ever know. All her friends and family as well as your own make fun of you behind your back. And rightly so.

  • If you love her it doesn't matter. Look guys cheat women cheat. I knew that my wife was fucking other guys. She's had two black babies from two different guys. You can let it ruin your life or you can leave her. Or you can work it out if you love her . In the long run it's just sex.

  • Fucking nasty

  • She still fucking him let her go and your sis. Hope you guys dont all live in the same trailer park

  • You are nuts.

  • Sweetie I had a threesome at my bachelorette party, and the morning of my wedding I had sex with another man.

  • Poor hubby , he doesn't have a clue what a loving and giving wife he has.

  • Can we have some coffee lol im horny

  • Yah right bull shit you where pissed that your wife fuck a nigger.
    Don't lie

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