Making a guy moan and cry out during orgasm

This has not happened in a while because most of the ones I pleasure are just a quick thing without a lot of foreplay. I have been looking for a guy that wanted to be bound and teased for several orgasms without knowing when I would stop.
He responded to my ad asking me a few questions about what I had in mind and after a few back and forth messages we set a time and day for him to come over. He was just what I was hoping for, younger and in shape, we talked for a few minutes then he got undressed and laid on the bed. I played with his cock a bit as I tied him off then put a blindfold on him. I then began what would end up being just over an hour of pleasure for him with three orgasms.
The first one was teased out of him with a lot of licking and very little sucking but as I began swallowing the prize I increased the sucking to make him squirm, his cock head tingling with every hard pull of my lips. His legs were locked out straight, toes curling, gasping words coming out of his lips as I continued giving his head to much attention. Minutes later he finally settled down and I think he said something like Wow, the second one is going to be awesome!
I continued a nice slow suck of his entire cock until he was hard again then gave his balls a lot of attention popping them out of my mouth hard then licking and sucking on them gently. I then started sucking on just his head watching and listening to him, his body moving around again then after about five minutes another prize was filling my mouth as his body contorted and thrashed about trying to pull his cock head out of my eager lips.
I continued sucking him hard and just from the look on his face expected the word stop to come out but it did not at all and his cock started going limp again. Minutes later thru much gasping and high pitched sounds of pleasure he was gaining hardness again and he never stopped gasping as I continued the assault on his cock head until he was erect.
I let it pop out of my lips and just licked his entire shaft for a bit and gave his balls another bath, then I slowly made my way back up to the head and sucked lightly on it for a minute or two then bore down on it sucking him hard and fast. Minutes past and his breathing was that of someone jogging, his legs would lock then wiggle, he said OMG about a dozen times then in what he called the most amazing orgasm of his life another prize began to pump into my mouth. I gave is cock long firm sucks and gently licked the head for a minute afterwards, he finally gave up and told me he could not take anymore as every suck gave him fits. His cock head was very red from all of the sucking and I untied him feeling great about how much I had pleasured him. He sat up looking winded, told me he had never experienced so much pleasure then after a few moments of silence asked me when he could come back again.

4 months ago


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    • I have never had an orgasm from a blowjob. Im submissive love to be used told what to do tied up. Love to worship. Have kinks! I edge myself daily, 8 hours is my record. Wish I could eat your pussy and worship you all day and night! Be your sex slave! Keep me with a collar and leash always on me in your hand! Tease me edge me milk me dry! My ex ex I taught her to squirt gave her 14 orgasms in a day. She used to make me stay naked when we lived together. Would keep me hard anytime we were not playing. Either in her hand or her feet. Under her boot or heel. One time she tied me up her her sister and their friend spent the day drinking talking hanging out and kept me hard for 9 hours. Eventually they all milked me together!

    • Im so very jealous email me

    • I would love to be used in a similar fashion

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