Big Dick Question

I'm 19 and fall under the class of being "well-endowed" I recently bought underwear that fits better so I don't have to constantly adjust myself.

My question to the ladies is, do girls actually like men with above-average/large penises? Is it really just "the motion in the ocean?" I'm a virgin so I can't answer to how difficult it really is to have sex. I mean, if its used right I guess getting filled up would fun? But it could be a work out.

Any advice or comments, drop them down below👇🏻

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  • It's fun to suck on at first but it gets painful in the jaw. if you're sloppy in bed it either hurts and doesn't feel good or it feels good and hurts. First times are fun but it gets old fast.

  • So what underwear company sells by cock size? Maybe a larger size helped the growing waist!

  • My cock is only 6 inches long, and I've never had any complaints about size. I've got a buddy with a 9 inch cock that's as big around as my wrist. I've witnessed a girl run away screaming that she didn't want that thing in her, he says that most women don't like it that big, and most can't take it. That said, no matter how big or small you are, there is undoubtedly a woman who will think it's perfect, or at least tell you that it is, if she wants to be with you.

  • You all go around measuring each others dicks and talk about the size of your dicks queer fucks.

  • Smaller the better

  • After 5 years of bragging about my big dick to my wife. 'you're so lucky"
    She finally goes shut up -- that's so high school. Besides I had 2 BF bigger, one way way bigger. Porn star big. The first time with him he saw she was scared, said he'd only use half. But then he lied and it felt heavenly. But she rated him a 9, me a 10. Said I'm way better built, tall and more handsome. He only lasted 5 minutes, had many girls -- he was just a toy.

  • What is it with you and dick size stories? You all keep posting this crap! A dick is only as good as the person that use's it!

  • I agree. It's weird lol

  • Wouldn't worry about it. It is what you do that makes the difference

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