Sex with my first cousin

I always got along with my older female cousin. Even from a very young age we just seemed to click together. When I was 13 and she was 15 we had our first sexual experience together. She was my first. Since that time, every chance we get, we still go at it like rabbits. I'm now in my early 50's and still can't wait to see her again

4 months ago


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    • My wife Emma at 18 had a crush on her cousin's (Lynn) 22 year old boyfriend Bob. Lynn said you don't want to go to college a virgin do you? How about I have Bob pop your cherry, he'd love the honors. Emma said it was hitting lottery, SURE! Lynn said he'll probably want a blowjob too, OK? SURE!
      I wish it ended, a weird way she lost her virginity story, but Lynn and Bob get married. And I'm the only one who feels awkward. I always think of Bob's dick in Emma's pussy at the wrong time.

    • ❤️ incest

    • Incest happens more than you think nobody will openly talk about it, if it is between consenting adults what is so wrong if two people enjoy sexual pleasure why not, why shouldn't they do what they want in private if they are consenting, why should they be criticised the are not doing anybody any harm,
      I don't think they should children for obvious reasons, it seems these bored do good people who don't have a life should stop criticising others because they so bored and inadequate.

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