Watching gf fuck

I want 2 guys to fuck my cute cubby gf till she crys why I watch

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  • Interesting. I kind of get it but until she cries. I mean you obviously don’t cate much for your “chubby” gf and or you’re just a dick.

    You ever think she wants to see two guys fuck your until you cry? Spit roasted by a couple a tops. Pounding away at your ass and changing the way you sound because the other guy is rearranging your vocal cords with his foot long cock. You think your cute chubby gf has ever thought about that?

  • Do you want to fuck her after they have come inside her? If you do, it will be the best sex you will ever have.

  • So true my wife fucked 3 one weekend best lubricant is 3 guys cum

  • I have other men fuck my wife on regular basis. Strangers usually. Young, old, married or not. She doesn't have any choice. She cheated so hey she wants other dick no problem. Either take getting fucked Stupid by strangers or hit the road. Going to be a slut behind my back then she'll be a whore in front of me... I don't touch the skank. But watching her get fucked until she's a babbling idiot. ......careful what you ask for. ..she wanted a different dick then she gets a lot of strangers dick. .. bitch

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