Sex with cousins

When I was young, me and my guy cousin gave each other oral a few times till we got caught. Now that we're older, society shows us that behavior is grotesque. Its something to laugh about now. (I aint gay)

One of my other lady cousins kinda seduced me. We were at a cookout and she texted me saying "This song makes me kinda horny". It was over before it started haha. We fucked for years on the low. We got caught by my uncle and we still continued to fuck afterwards. We didn't stop, our Love was undeniable.

My step dad's brother's daughter was living in Georgia not too far from Atlanta and it happened that I was in Atlanta one year. She picked me up and had drinks, we kissed and I gave her top. I was caught in the moment, I wasn't really into her. I knew she liked me though.


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