Porn Abuse and Masturbation

After years of exposure to porn, I started to think I was addicted to it. I masturbated a lot and even masturbated 4 or 5 times in one day. I had thought it was the way I was born or what I was exposed to at an early age.

I eventually tried other methods of masturbating like prostate play and even tried sex toys like dildos to an even more crazy form of masturbating with cucumbers and wooden objects. I convinced myself it was a method for stress. My body would get tired from the masturbation yet I would want it again and again. It can be a humbling experience being brought so low.

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  • Because I have an erectile disfunction, my Wife can determine when I get that little blue pill to get her the erection she wants. She puts a cock ring on me and a vibrating toy in my rectum to pleasure me and rides me. Because of the ED, there is no more masterbation.

  • I love masturbation! Who doesn't??

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