Real giving me blowjobs from time to time

So about 7 years ago my sister used to give me blowjobs about twice a week and was really solid I came on her face once but she didn’t like it. I was the first person that she’s given a blowjob ever so she kept getting better until something bad happened. We got caught by our parents a year later because I had some videos of her sucking me off and didn’t do anything for a while.

Then 2 years later she gave me a few blowjobs which was amazing because she got better and I came all over her tits those few times and it was one of the biggest cum shots I’ve ever done also filmed a couple of the blowjobs at the time then I decided to stop asking.

I didn’t receive blowjobs for over 5 years. This time she has been way better giving blowjobs she told me swallowed about 5 dudes total that were her ex boyfriends and the first time she gave me a blowjob she didn’t let me film but she told me that I can cum in her mouth and it was amazing, best feeling ever.

Then the next few times she said I can film her sucking me off and I came in her mouth it was a little too much for her and she gagged a little bit but was still nice. The second time filming her sucking me off I came in her mouth again had a nice 3 minute video her gagging on my hard cock and she let me cum inside her because she didn’t want cum in her mouth that time wasn’t bad but I liked her blowjobs better.

Then the third time she sucked me off I asked her if I can cum deep down her throat and she said yes and when she went balls deep when I was ready to cum I told her “go deep I’m about to cum” she goes straight down slurping my cum and gags hella hard and it was the best blowjobs I’ve ever received better than the other girl that I got from tinder.

After my sister finished me I asked her “was that the most cum in your throat?”. She said yes top 3 most and I was shocked. This when she didn’t suck me off for a week and I didn’t masturbate at all so my big load shot went straight down her throat made her choke/gag.

Anyway I wanted to do the same thing the last time for that run i switch it up and ask her if she can give me a 69 blowjob cumming in her throat and she agreed to it and it was filmed as well and it was amazing she did the same thing making it awesome I was eating her pussy out and she was gagging on my hard cock and then 5 minutes later I tell her that I’m cumming and she go balls deep and explode cut down her throat. It was awesome and then we didn’t do any of those things for a while.

The next summer she has a boyfriend and is still with him, at the time it was my birthday and she came over we both got drunk and high and we’re cuddling in my bed normally. It was hella hot in my room so we both decided to take off our clothes and slowly started fucking, she on top of me and also did doggystyle after that she gave me her amazing blowjob skills. After we were done she was crying because she felt like she was cheating on her boyfriend and I told her that there’s nothing we can do about it and all we can do is move on and live our life. Ever since then we haven’t done anything and I wonder if one day if I will ever get a blowjob from her ever again. To this day I have a few blowjob videos in my phone and still watch it from time to time.


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  • ❤️ incest ♥️

  • If you ever get a nother blow job from her ask her to fuck you and cum in her pussy with out telling her you are going to cum just cum in her pussy

  • ❤️ incest

  • Nice! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Cheating is never a good thing though

  • Oh, I have a boyfriend but my brother still asks for blowjobs from time to time~ it’s way hotter to swallow his cum so I’m very obedient whenever he asks me to. You should surprise your sister someday!

  • How old are you and your brother also? Because me and my sister are two years apart.

  • I will someday but I’ll try again one day

  • Post the videos so we can see them

  • I’m not going to post the video moron I’m keeping that to myself.

  • Dude, it's called punctuation. You need to use it!!

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