Gay understall sex?

So, I've heard plenty of rumors of how to low-key ask for sex in a public men's room. There's a supposed foot-tappimg rhythm if you're in a stall, if you're at a urinal you're apparently supposed to meet another guys eyes, and I read somewhere a guy had a pretty good track record of whistling known songs(he'd whistle the first line or so of country roads, or the Jeopardy think music, or something similar, and if the other guy whistled or hummed the next line it was an affirmative, and then they'd do the third line together to confirm, or something?). Are there any hard and fast(heh) rules of how to ask, how to offer, or how to answer?

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  • Just kill yourself.

  • Take your own advice.

  • You first.

  • How about us all? You first I still have a meaningful life

  • The first thing is to make sure that you're in a "cruisy" restroom. Graffiti or strategically placed holes in the stall dividers can be a giveaway, or you can check online sources like or

    I've never heard of the whistling thing, and it sounds pretty high profile and likely to attract attention. I sometimes do the "tap your foot" thing and that can work, but usually I just start stroking and make sure that my motions are casting a shadow on the floor. Then every so often look down enough to see if the shadow in the next stall shows that he's stroking too. If so it's on.

    At that point, scoot to the edge of the seat so your cock is hanging more visible. Lower your head so you can see more into the other stall so you can see if his cock is visible and he's stroking. If so, and if he looks for yours, kneel down on the floor and have fun!

    I've also been passed notes after making my shadow visible, or had the guy run his fingertip along the bottom of the stall divider. Both are clear signs. You don't see them much anymore, but in old stalls sometimes there's a gap where the divider meets the wall. If the wall is tile and the lighting is good, you can peek and see the reflection of the other stall.

  • Yes. Sing Over the Rainbow, key word is Dorthy

  • Or you could just ask to suck their cock.

  • That's a little creepy, most people wouldn't appreciate a stranger asking for sex so openly in a public restroom.

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