My boyfriend of 10 months got me into Anal. At first I didn’t really like it but now I just love it especially when he’s banging away and calling me slut, bitch and when he cums he licks my anal cream pie.
Any other girls luv anal?

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  • I've had former girlfriends and a current gf that love it

  • I think it's like a lot of stuff, the more of it you do(assuming you're actually willing in the first place), the more you enjoy it.

  • My ex bf wore me down and I finally gave up my ass. The first was amazing! OMG I’d never felt anything like. Yes it hurt but I liked the pain. After that he was allowed to fuck me anyway he wanted as long as he at least took my ass for a bit. He moved away and we stayed together for a while but he finally broke up with me. The guy I’m with now is a great guy. So sweet and treats me so wonderfully but I can’t give him my ass. I’m afraid of what he’ll think of me. He has asked me for anal but I told him no. IDK why but I did. Now I am craving anal but I can’t tell him I’ll try it now. What will he think of me?

  • If its somthing you want to do by all means give in. Just play it off like it's your first time then from there on give in ince in awhile

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