Desperate for Cum

I have been with my husband since I was 19 and I we had for many years a pretty good sex life. We would do all the normal things and to me, cum was always just a side effect. I would let him cum on my breasts and swallow when I was blowing him but I was never really tuned on by the cum itself.

About a year ago my husband had his prostate removed. Usually this is an older man thing but my husband is in his 40s. The side effect is that he no longer ejaculates any cum. He can still orgasm but nothing actually comes out.

I thought that would be great. No mess between my legs or on my tits. No walking around squelching after we had shagged. It was good for a while but now after about a year I am really missing that salty sticky stuff. I find myself looking at men ejaculating on porn sites and I have become totally obsessed with the fact that I will never feel his cum in the back of my throat. It’s really messing me up. I stare at men when I am out wondering how much cum they produce and whether it would taste good. I even saw one of my ex boyfriends the other day and all the time he was talking to me and telling me about his kids I was thinking of when i had given him his first BJ and he had cum in my mouth.

I love my husband but I can’t stand the thought of never feeling warm cum splash on my ass.

Wtf can I do?


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  • My ex (beth) gives me thank you blowjobs. 1992 We were 19 and she wouldn't suck dick. Loved to fuck , but no suck dick. I caught her cheating and broke up with her. Tried to anyway. She said she was drunk the guy took advantage. Tell that to him, not me and fuck you Beth, I told her. She says I'll suck your dick anytime you want me to. The only BJs I got were my older sister's girlfriend Jan who loved sucking my big dick. She said my dick was twice that of her boyfriends. So anyway Beth gives the worst blowjobs. My dick is nicked up from her braces. She says it's too big for her mouth. I take her to porn to show how girls give it to guys bigger than me. She gets much better at it but the real game changer is when she gave me one her retainer in. She went from worse to best ever. We split -- our colleges are 500 miles apart- but stay FWB for awhile. She gets lucky with a Med School guy who loves her blowjobs. They get married and they're worth millions now. She's way to honest, with out my BJ training wheels she never sucks his dick, on anyone else's. She even gives credit to the guy that fucked her when she was drunk. She meets me on a dirt road in the sticks and sucks me off in her Lexus SUV. She still uses the same retainer. She loves the contrast from Doc's smaller dick to mine blasting away her her mouth. I could see tears of joy. Says it's almost spiritual.

  • How about Glory holes

  • I think you should open your world and find what you are looking for. No need to hold back on your desires. I have found many married women who are not satisfied at home with what they are getting. They don't want to leave their marriage but have the desire to explore. Go for it.

  • Well aren't you a self-centered self entitled lowlife. Karma is coming!!! Enjoy what you deserve!!" Std karma!!!

  • I hear ya, I am a total cum slut myself and love being fed hot loads.

  • Well you are gay so......

  • Text me I dont mind sharing my cum
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  • There's only one thing to do.

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