$20 Meth Whore

After 6 months of being cooped up without being able to go out to any bars or clubs, I finally decided I was tired of beating off. I took a cab downtown and got out on 4th Street, where all the whores hang out. I walked down the street a couple of blocks, where this skanky looking chick walked up to me. She asked if I was looking for a date, and I asked what she charged. She said $20 will get me any thing I wanted, so I walked over and I took a closer look at her. She had blonde hair, was about 5 ft 2 with blue eyes, and was skinny as a stick figure. I noticed she only had about 6 teeth left in her mouth. She had track marks all up and down her arms and nasty festered up boils on her face and neck. She pulled down her shirt and showed me her tits, which were pretty small, but firm with perky nipples.
I asked her if she had a place to go and she grabbed my hand and led me around the corner and into the alley behind a dumpster. There was an old rotted looking mattress that smelled like a dead crack whore had vomitted up a belly full of week old cum. She pushed me down onto the mattress and pulled my pants down around my ankles then took my cock into her mouth. She sucked it till I was rock hard, then pushed my legs up over my head and started eating my ass like a shit hungry fag. After a couple of minutes, she pulled down her pants and straddled me with her skinny ass. She slid my throbbing cock up inside of her wet fuck hole. and it felt great to be inside of a woman again. I grabbed her ass and pulled her up to my face and started eating her pussy. She stank and tasted so bad that I literally vomited all over her cunt, and she slid back down and wrapped her nasty cunt around my cock and fucked me till I filled her full of cum. We got dressed and I handed her a $20 bill and walked back out to the street, grabbed a cab and went home.

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  • And that folks is how you get HIV, herpes, and hepatitis all in one night

  • You really must stop the meth! You don't know reality from fantasy.
    $20 whore's have more class then you do. They will do just about anything but they won't do that.

  • Yes that’s Melania

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