I'm gonna take the plunge and visit an escort

This is a long winded read, but I like to tell a story and to give a heads-up to those that complained about another story I posted being too long. So here goes.
I've been with the wife for 15 years now and everything has been good. The love is still there and all that... except for doing the deed. I've brought it up I don't know how many times, but it never gets resolved and I'll go months without getting any and this has gone on for years now. So safe to say, I'm frustrated as fuck! Literally! All I want is some pussy! LoL
So a year ago, I was thinking of hitting up one of two ladies I knew from high school who I kinda keep in contact with through social media and who have expressed interest in the past about hooking up. Then I thought to myself, do I really want to have loose ends or any mushy feelings forming from a quick fling and any other bullshit that goes with hooking up with people that have an interest in you? No. Not really.
The last thing I need is the wife finding out I hooked up with one of my high school interests, whom she knows. You know? I'm too old for that shit, haha.
So, I've been reading and researching how to relieve "stress"... by having a discreet affair... with no strings attached, because I'm sure my member has had enough of me choking it... constantly, haha.
Anyway, as I was reading stuff online, I saw someone mention paying for a hooker or an escort in a forum I was reading. And ding! Light bulb lights up! That's it! I'll go see an escort.
So, after doing research for a couple of weeks now, because I'm a fucking amateur when it comes to that whole world of Johns and Providers, I've decided I'm gonna take the plunge when the wife goes out of town in a month or two. She likes to visit her parents the next state over and that's the perfect alone time I need.
So, I perused for the past few weeks escort ad after escort ad, reading free reviews, fantasizing about what I would do with them and making a list of which ones I wouldn't mind losing my escort virginity too and which ones I could afford, haha.
So far, I've narrowed it down to a few choices. 4 ladies actually. Two of the girls are the girl next door types. A young, tight, thin, early 20's brunette with a spinner type body and a cute little tush, thin waist, and youthful B cups to play with, mmmmm. Almost an exact copy of one of the many 20 something pornstarlets out there. The other girl next door is of the same calibre, but blonde. A bit more athletic with pale skin, pink nips and the cutest face and smile. Very yummy and yes, I'm a mid 40's old perv that fantasizes about having fun with a young 20 something, haha.
Then there's this other lady. Blonde, voluptuous, fake but nice DD cups, a very nice filled out booty and a little taller then the first two, but in her mid 30's. Very stripper-milf pornstar looking with slutty make-up and very dark red lipstick covering a set of full suckable lips. The free reviews on her were not disappointing and very intriguing.
And last, but not least is this some what thick latina masseuse who offers full service, not fat, but not spinner thin, with killer bedroom eyes, full pouty lips, a sultry smile, dark long full curly hair with a very plump ass and thighs and these killer silver dollar nips on a nice set of youthful C cups that are just begging to be sucked and nibbled on as you're thrusting in and out. Holy shit I can't wait.
So far this is the plan. First, I'm gonna buy a burner phone, because using my personal phone to call and text these ladies is just asking for trouble. Then gonna pay cash for a prepaid CC to subscribe to 2 well known escort review sites to get the lowdown on these providers I've got my eye on to see if it's worth the price and to see what they offer. I've got my cash together as well and I'm looking at dropping between 2-3 large ones each on the two that I pick.
So, that's the game plan I have so far. Sound good? Or nah, haha.
If anyone wants to give me some pointers or recommendations or if you just want to share your experiences, I'm all ears. I love reading about encounters with providers. Especially when they're very detailed.

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  • I might be wrong but I was in a similar situation years ago with my ex, found out later that she having sex with a lot of other men behind my back, women have the same needs as men so most likely if she not giving it up at home she is somewhere else. If she had just been honest about it, I would have let her enjoy her sexuality and enjoyed it with her

  • One of my golfing friends is in a similar situation, not getting much. I know that he uses local escorts, usually every week after golf. He's quite open about it to me and I've no idea if his wife knows about it.

  • Well I am curious how this turns out how far the escorts let's you go I am in the same boat and looking at escorts. I would still with the young ones why not it's what we fantasize about.

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