Sister In Law's Tits

I've always wanted to see my sister in law, Kelli, naked. She is a beautiful woman with and awesome body. You'd never guess she had 3 grown kids.. She's been to the house swimming and her tits are amazing. They're at least the same size as my wife, Cindy's, which are 32DDs.

Last fall Kelli and her husband had bought a new house and was in the process of moving. One morning Kelli called and asked Cindy if I could make the 40 mile drive to help her move some furniture because her husband was called to the road (he's a long haul trucker). My wife asked me to go, but she had a meeting at work.

I get to their new home and Kelli is panicked because they had to get the rest of the things out of their old house they were renting. She and my brother in law had moved everything into their Basement until they had time to move things upstairs. Since this would be the first night to sleep in the new house, we had to move the beds from the basement to the upstairs and had to carry them around the house to avoid stairs and making a bad turn at the top of the stairs.

We had moved several items and was half way around the house with a mattress when the bottom fell out and pouring rain soaked us. We rushed to get the mattress into the house but still we both were drenched from head to toe. It was then I noticed Kelli had no bra under her white shirt. I could see everything so vividly- even the small bumps on her areolas. She looked down and pulled her shirt away from her tits, then released it, but never attempted to cover up. She said, "we can't move anything else until the rain stops. I will make us some coffee."

I wondered if she was going to change clothes but she kept making the coffee. She walked over and handed me a cup of coffee as I sat at the bar, and I couldn't help glance down at her tits. She smiled and asked, "Guess you weren't planning on getting an eye full when you agreed to come, huh?"

I replied, "Well, no but I'm not complaining either." And I started laughing. She said, "I thought about running to the bedroom and changing but I didn't see the point. You'd already seen everything." She walked to their bedroom and indicated she was going to get some dry clothes on and bring me something to change into. I said, "The show was good while it lasted!" She I yelled her shirt over her head, exposing her bare back, stood in the doorway, turned to face me as our eyes met. She smiled, paused for a few seconds, and said "Whatever" and shirt the door. She flashed those amazing tits and I was hard as a rock.

Kelli reappeared a few minutes later wearing a dry shirt, pajama pants, and brushing her wet hair. She handed me a pair of shorts that belonged to her husband, and told me to pull off my wet clothes and put them on. I started toward the guest bathroom, and she asked, "So you get a shownans i don't?" So I pulled off my t-shirt, pants, and dropped my underwear while she watched me put the other shorts on. She stood there smiling and said, "You're hard!!! OmG did I cause that? ".

The next thing I know we are embraced in a kiss and she has grabbed my cock with one hand and began pulling my shorts down. I pulled her top over her head and started rubbing her nipples. I pulled the strings on her pajama pants and they fell to the floor. She pressed her body next to mine and I could feel her pubic hairs against my cock. She dropped to her knees, and put by cock in her mouth. It was unexpected because Cindy had told me Kelli had never had oral sex (giving or receiving). I pulled her head and forced my cock down her throat. She almost gagged a couple of times but kept pumping me. I eventually came in her mouth and she pulled my cock out and spit out the cum. U pulled her to the mattress we had dropped in the floor and parted her legs and went down on her. She was going wild and griding her hips into my face. She came within a minute. She pulled me down and them rolled me over, straddled me, and grabbed my cock and put it inside her. She rode me hard, occasionally allowing me to suck her tits, and then she came again.

When I left, we agreed to never mention what happened again. I've seen her several times, and she just smiles and flirts a little, but she did that before. I'm not sure I'll ever fuck her again, but it was an amazing fuck.

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