My wife desired bigger cock

Kathy my wife and I have been together for 20 years. She is 37 and I am 42 years old. I am Latino and my hot wife is Native American and White. Kathy was a virgin and she has only been with me sexually. I have a 6 inch cock when hard. I thought we had a good sex life until recently. My wife is 5'5 about 160 lbs.Long straight brown hair. Brown eyes and a nice pouty mouth. She has 42D tits with big brown nipples. Which get even bigger when she is horny. A nice big ass with a hot pink asshole. Her tight pussy is so fucken hot.My wife has a hairy pussy. She has nice full big pussy lips . When we fuck, they get even bigger and swollen with lust. Her swollen hot pussy lips just wrap around my cock.. She knows how to get me to cum with her wet hot pussy. We never tried anything kinky . That changed about 6 months ago. We live in a private driveway and the older couple who lived in the bigger house moved out. They were both attractive and about 55 years old. So we moved in. They had left the house in very good condition. The house also had a nice garage, with plenty of storage. We had been in the house for about 2 weeks and we were putting some of our stuff in the cupboards in the garage. That is when we found 3 medium size boxes all taped up. We put them off to the side and went back to put our stuff away . We were done 2 hours later and showered. We both were drinking and were a little drunk . The kids were with grandma and we were alone. We were both a little horny. My wife went to put our dirty clothes in the washer and came back with the 3 boxes that we had found in the garage. We were both guessing what was in the mystery boxes . We put a sheet on the bed and opened the first box. We found all kinds of things in the box.We found weed and coke. Viagra,different colors of codoms, lotions and lubricants. Everything was all in sealed packages. We both had did coke and weed together before the kids. So we both agreed to do a little of weed and did a line of coke. We also had more beer . We were both like kids in a candy store. We then opened the next box . That had sex toys. We both had never tried any of the stuff in the box. We were both curious and excited. There were 3 life like dildos . Black, brown and white flesh colored .All 9 inches and stil in their boxes. Butt plugs . Penis extensions 2 vibrators . A 8 inch and a 10 inch . With plenty of batteries. I started to get a hard on . I wondered if my wife was a little horny like I was. I handed her a vibrator and said Happy birthday. She said are you crazy that big thing would never fit in me. I said you never can tell. I noticed that her panties had a wet stain on the crotch area . With the vibrator still in her hand she reached over and rubbed my hard dick . She said I see you like fhis stuff. I said I did. I asked her the same question and she said maybe. And she said I want a drink and went to get us a beer. She said dont open that last box til I come back. I said dont take too long. She came back quick . When she gave me my beer,she handed me a viagra.She said lets see if these really work. I took one and said lets find out. She said I hope it does babe . I need a good hard fuck. My wife was hot. She never talked like that. When she got on the bed ,she didn't have any panties on. She took her time to make sure I noticed. She said I hope you dont mind.but my panties were all wet. She then said see for yourself and handed them to me. They were soaked and she said I told She said lets do another line and open the last box. We did more coke and she sucked my dick for about 5 minutes. My wife said do you like me to be your nasty slut . I said yes. She then said I will. Lets open that last box first. We did . It had about 10 brand new sexy panties. It had also magazines of swingers personal ads. Sex stories of husbands letting men fuck their wives. At the bottom a envelope with photos of the couple that had lived in our new house. Mostly of the wife getting fucked by other men. All the men had big cocks. Most of the photographs were with young black men with huge cocks. My wife asked me if those black penises were real.I said ask me like a hot slut would ask me. She said are you sure ? I ssid yes. She then took off her top and said put on some slutty panties on me . She laid on her stomach. I put on a small sexy red panties on her. I asked her what she was thinking about. She said dont get mad but I love how those big black cocks look. My dick was rock hard. She said would you like your slut wife to suck a big black cock and then watch him fuck my hot tight wet cunt. I said I would. Then get that black cock and show me . I got that 9 inch black cock and was going to fuck my wife's pussy . She said my lovers big black cock is to big.Before I fuck my lover you have to get my tight pussy ready for his bigger cock. She got doggy style and said fuck me first with my.panties on. I did and came in a few seconds. She then said let Larry fuck your wifes tight pussy. Larry was a younger black friend of ours. She said take off my panties for Larrys big cock . I took off her wet panties. My wife spread her legs. Fuck my tight cunt Larry and I slowly fucked my wife with Larrys big cock. I had all 9 inches of Larrys black cock in my wife . She came all over Larrys big cock.After she came . She had me hold Larrys cock while she licked his cock clean. She said did I like what I seen. I said yes . She said then invite Larry over this weekend. I did My wife said she had been wanting to fuck Larry. Now I get to watch . I cant wait .!

5 months ago


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    • That pussy will never be the same after Larry. But oh well better in front of you then behind your back

    • Larry did give my wife his big black cock. I couldn't believe how she reacted. Would you like to know ?

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