Jerk Myself

I love a nice slow sensual jerk off, whether I’m doing it myself or someone else. If it’s just me I use just enough coconut oil where I still have some friction with a tight grip. I love doing it while sitting on the floor of my shower. But my favorite place is in my warm bedroom, back against the wall, butt plug in, sitting on the floor. And right before I cum I squeeze my tip and see how far I can shoot my load. What’s you favorite way to cum?

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  • Im married i love too jack off. The best way for me is when she wants to watch. I open my legs wide she lays between them. And resting her head on my upper leg. I rub my cock slowly not hard just enough that my foreskin is pulled back so the tip of my cock is showing. She will rap her index finger and thumb around my balls and pull hard stretching my balls. Just when im about to cum she will pinch off my foreskin then she lets go and the cum drips out onto my stomach. She will wet her lips with my cum and kiss me she licks it all up and keeps on kissing me. The passion is very intense.

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