Fuck this Site

Remember the website JustRage? That shithole is dead but apparently some of these Websites like this one where people post confessions that allow anonymous comments on every post gets the same amount of stupid childish morons who think they are tough behind their keyboard by hurling insults and leaving very retarded comments on every post there is.

There's this one retard who comments on Feet related posts thinking everything is written by the same person by calling them a Foot Sniffer and saying shit like "I hope you suck toes like you suck dicks." Obviously this person talks like an inbred who dropped out of Kindergarten and he also hates gays too and it seems like he tries way too hard at trying to piss people off by acting like a fucking retard.

Then there was a confessions where someone was talking about their neighbors and the same commenter accused them of child m****tation when there was nothing written in the confession about that. Obviously these commenters are too illiterate and too stupid to read anything and act like children who clearly have no business on the internet at all.

Let this be a lesson to site creators, stop allowing anonymous comments because it never ends well when it comes to stupid retards who will say anything just to piss someone off and you see why Justrage is dead.

6 months ago

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    • Shut the fuck up you puss wanker little bitch boy.

    • So, what you're saying is, if you disagree with someone's opinion, they should be silenced. Read up on your great nations Constitution, paying attention to the first amendment. Those whom you disagree with have as much right to voice their opinion as you do, so fuck you for telling them to shut up, and stop telling privately run web sites to silence people. You might also read up on your great nations 2nd amendment, because it is what allows American Patriots to defend our first amendment right from Communistic Ass holes like you.

    • Not everyone is American

    • Cont. But you do have a point šŸ‘šŸ»

    • And what's your solution? Make everyone show up in person and show a government photo ID and provide their home address, then read thousands of comments a day and send mercenaries after the ones who post things that hurt your feelings or annoy you?

      Maybe the government can can track everything everyone says or does online then make those who troll or offend you wear some kind of patch on their arm at all times, maybe a yellow star, so the rest of society can treat them as sub-human.

      Hey, it worked for the Nazis!

    • You are so right!! Not everyone is going to agree on everything in regards to things that are posted but everyone has a right an opinion. Just throwing insults at someone is childish and achieves nothing. Sort it out naughtypost!

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