Why i am suck a cock and balls loving women

I was in my first year of my marriage ( i was only 19 years old) and my husband and i got drunk really drunk with his best friend. my husband and i moved to the bedroom and started fucking and it felt great.I had quite a sexual power over my husband . He was not a wimp but he would do as he was told to get his dick caress ( for a better word)
. I told him if he wanted to penetrate my ass ( rectum his
fantasy, i know it is gross ) he needed to call his friend over. Which he obediently did. Feeling 2 gorgeous virile men body against mine was great all i needed, But these virile bodies had mind of their own. erected dicks , hard as rocks. They started caressing my body pussy first , later both
played with my breast and (fuck did it feel good) , lick it
and hump it. You may think i am a slut, which might be true), as i know i am just a regular women (not a girl) with average fantasy. After hundred time being fucked by husband and friend, oh and we are still married after 20 years, girls were brought in ( slutty friends)
to even the fields.
sex is what you make out of it. men are toys to play with.



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  • I can't believe you made it past 8th grade by your grammar and spelling.
    And I know for a fact you are a guy stuck in fantasy land.
    Go see your shrink and tell him your medications are not working.

  • Save your breath for your inflatable Liberace Love Doll.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • You smell like dead carp.

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