Is it normal that my son stares at my breasts?

Yes, it’s normal. Boys and men do things sometimes without realizing it. One time my mom told me she wanted to talk me when she got home from work. I was probably in trouble for something. My mom had changed into a tank-top and shorts. I was standing a few feet from her as she was talking. When we were done talking I walked away and I overheard my grandmother tell my mother I was staring at her breasts. I wanted to crawl under my bed and hide when I heard that. I was about 8 years old.

Another example of how boy’s brains function. I was in a grocery store with my mom. I was 9 or 10 years old. I turn around and see a girl about 10 or 11 years old reaching into a chest freezer to get an ice cream. As she bent over her dress rose up to about mid thigh. I stood there staring. My mom walks up to me and asks me if I liked what I saw. Once again I never even thought about it when I began to stare. It just happened. Then my mom got an ice cream out of the freezer and it made her nipples hard. And again I was embarrassed that my mom caught me.



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  • I always welcome an unexpected view of a pair of tits to make my day!!

  • Yes it is normal curiosity 😂 the truth is, in my opinion, that most boys first sexual interest is their mother.

  • I agree. A mother's breasts are so different from a boys.

  • I always enjoyed a peek at my mom's boobs.

  • You are another sick fuck.

  • Boys notice their mum before any other woman

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