First time....a Wisconsin boy

First time I was 13 and playing Park & Rec baseball in Wisconsin. Coach's son was 16 and often slapped me on the ass after running the bases. One night after our game, coaches were meeting so he walked with me to his dad's car and we got in the front seat. He was rubbing himself and I thought he was just straightening out his cock in his pants.....I asked him if he was ok and he reached over and put his hand on my crotch.....rubbing his hand across my crotch.....I got hard, real hard and then I had to straighten my cock. He pulled his cock out and I thought it was huge.....but hadn't seen many cocks besides my gym classmates in the locker room. He pulled my head to his cock and I fought but he was about 6 feet tall and muscular from athletics. I gagged all the way through his cum running down the back of my throat.
We met a few times a week, in the woods, behind his house and in his basement and I still enjoy sucking cock, now in North Carolina



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  • Fuck you and your fake sick reply Ass Hole! Far too many boys have been raped and have severe PTSD or committed suicide because of that. Go fucking die shit head.

  • I grew up in the country so my mom felt safe letting us roam around the neighborhood. When I as 10 I started hanging around with the older boys in the neighborhood. Their ages were about 12 to 16. They had a clubhouse that some of the parents built and I was quickly introduced to circle jerks. I had never seen anything like that so I just watched them the first few times but eventually took my clothes off as well. I had a very small cock but it would get hard watching all of these other boys stroking their larger cocks. One of the older kids asked if I wanted to touch his cock so I did and really liked the way it felt in my hands. He told me to suck it so I put my mouth on it while I held it. He told me to stroke it and after a few minutes he told me to get ready to swallow. He started cumming but it was more than I could swallow so I choked and spit most of it out but I loved the way his cock felt in my mouth and hand when he was cumming and I also liked the taste of his cum. A couple of the other boys asked me to do the same for them and this became an almost daily thing for us. I am happily married with kids and my wife knows that I started sucking cock as a kid and that I still love sucking cock. She and I have shared a few cocks together and she also gets cock on her own when she is in the mood.

  • Fuck you pedo. Eat shit and die.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

    Writing about minors having sex and posting it, is illegal you sick fuck.

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