Devotional sex

This is a true story of how my wife and I stumbled across a very exciting part of our current sex life. It may seem incredible, but it is all true and she will be reading this before I post it online. It explains how the first cum tasting experience happened and our discovery of something called "Devotional Sex". Later in my other recounting of our experiences, I will go back in time as to how we met and how our desires developed into all sorts of play including Pegging.

We have been together for about 15 years and we are madly in love with each other and we always say our sex life just keeps on getting better... Because it does. I will write in the future stories as a Blog style after ongoing date night sessions but I need to get this out first.

It all started when we were having date night one evening. We had drank a couple of glasses of wine whilst lounging on the bed, reaffirming our love and discussing life in general. I remember my eyes caressing all of her sexy curves and pondering for far too long on her magnificent breasts. Actually, she loves the attention and knows exactly how to use her allure to push me over the edge. I adore her femininity.

Within moments I was all over her and slowly pulling off her panties. My cock was raging to be insider her. We began fucking in the missionary position before I grabbed hold of her legs and pulled them up onto my shoulders so I could get deeper inside her. I knew this position always pushed her to within her comfort limits as I am not a "small" guy. She was struggling to keep me in check so I didn't hurt her but I was happily pushing her limits. I kept sliding in and out of her whilst I reached around her legs and took her beautiful tits in my hands and began playing with those sweet pink nipples. In time I could feel I was going to cum. She knew it and was encouraging me. I have a habit of announcing that I am going to cum as it turns her on intensely... Sure enough she reached up and pinched my nipples hard and said "cum for me, let me see it". I pulled my cock from her pussy when my orgasm had truly committed and I squirted my first shot of cum right up to her neck, the second shot landing in her cleavage (remember her legs are still in the air as I came). It was wonderful.

I grabbed her vibrator from the nightstand as she wiped away my cum from her chest with her recently removed knickers. I snuggled up beside her and gently sought out the swollen secret within her pussy with head of the silicon toy. As she squirmed in pleasure at the sensation between her legs, I put my face in between her breasts. I could smell cum. I looked up at her and said "oh my god your tits smell of cum" and she almost instantly pulled my face back between them saying "lick them, do it for me please, I want you to lick them" and I immediately licked along the length of her cleavage. In an instant I felt her excitement peak to a whole new level. In that moment, my life had changed but I just didn't know it yet. She began breathing heavily, taking hold of one of her breasts and telling be to lick the cum from them. I began to lick excitedly and a bit theatrically so she could see I was ok with this and enjoying it. I knew this would enable her to relax into enjoying the experience without worrying if I was repulsed or turned off. I do have to say I was not sure how I really felt about it but it was only a remnant of cum from what she had wiped off before. In no time she was squirming and gasping hard as she pulled by head in to her saying "lick me, lick the cum, I want you taste cum on my tits"... With that she came EXPLOSIVELY. I knew this was going to be repeated in our sex sessions again very soon. It was simply amazing.

The next day, I was googling "wife feeds husband cum" to see what I could find on the net. I came across information about something called Devotional Sex. It was very sexy reading and I suggest every loving couple reads about it. Women take control sensually without all the excessive "mistress" role. I don't have the space to explain all about Devotional Sex here. I was turned on big time reading how loving wives encouraged their husbands to eat their own cum. The woman (referred to as the Princess) would control when and what sex happens, and decide if the man (her Knight) could cum or not. This keeps the Knight on the sexual boil for much longer as she teases and demands satisfaction from him. If she allows orgasm, she may then encourage the Knight to taste the cum, or even freeze it if he is reluctant, so that she could encourage him the next time she has him boiling with horniness. I had a major hard on reading this stuff especially after my last experience, licking her tits and cleavage. I knew I was going to share this web site with my wife. I thought she was going to like the role play aspects and that she would want to build upon more excitement like her last orgasm. I liked the idea of being encouraged to lick or taste my cum but like every guy, the thought of doing it after I have cum, when my horniness level drops, is way less appealing.

When we were out for dinner the following night I told her about the web site and explained to her that I wanted her to read it too. I told her exactly how horny it got me just reading about the things on the site. I also told her that if she was into the Dev Sex roles, then I wanted her to push me down that road more with her taking the lead. She told me her pussy was wet just listening to me talk about it and asking for it... And that she wanted to read about it on the site. She told me how much she enjoyed me licking the remnants of my cum from her body. She got straight onto reading the web site pages when we got in. I felt slightly embarrassed as she sat quietly and read the web pages, in case she was a bit freaked out or disgusted by it. Eventually she finally looked up at me and said.. "Oh you are in trouble now, no backing out... I know you want it and I'm going to train you".

I swear to god my heart missed a beat as she used the word TRAIN, as I am generally a pretty dominant guy in life and I love it when my girl takes the initiative. My body was alive thinking about what could happen next. I love being teased. She told me she was loving the thought of playing the roles and that she was going to make me follow through on my training sessions. She announced she would be my Princess, and I would be her dutiful Knight, just as Devotional Sex would dictate. She left me hanging on my excitement that night and told me tomorrow night was our next date night. We were to have an evening in with lots of wine and my training would begin. She had something in mind clearly already and my balls were aching to know what it was. I said "of course my princess". I needed to cum so badly right then but was denied.

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