Landlady turned slut

This is a true story based on how my wife told it to me after she became a slut ... My mature wife and I manage several apartments...She usually wears short skirts and stockings in her office on Fridays and as she is the only person who works in the office she is free to do as she pleases...and she does....she loves it when guys come in to pay the rent or often they will come in to chat she always has coffee and snacks...she has been known to turn her chair to face them and cross her legs or sit facing them and " unknowingly " let them get a good look up her skirt...she either wears lacy panties or none at it really didn't surprise me when the teasing got the best of her and she had to scratch the itch between her legs.....recently....a tenant asked her to stop by his apartment to help him with his computer..This is how she told me it went that afternoon...It didn't take her long with his laptop and when she finished she stood asked him if there was anything else she could do....he told her that he would like some of what he keeps seeing up that skirt every time he comes in her office to pay rent...he stood in front of her and quickly unbuttoned her blouse ..lifting her tits out of her bra and sucked on her tits and at the same time he swiftly slid a finger beside her panties and up into her waiting wet cunt as she spread her legs a bit....she was already wet and moaned loudly as he came on his finger this point, she told me she was so hot that.she didn't care who was getting her worked up she just wanted relief...she then kicked her lacy yellow panties off and flopped down on his couch and spread her legs telling him " then just do it "...he knelt down and licked her cunt and she came twice before he said to her " tell me what you want " she told me that she said to him " fuck me" he then said to her " That's not good enough Suzanne...I want you to look me in the eyes and beg for it like the slut you are or get up and leave now.".....she told me that as she laid there in front of him with her skirt around her waist with her stocking covered legs wide open , with his stiff cock just touching her cunt lips... she looked him in the eyes and said " yes ...I'm a slut and PLEASE fuck me like the slut I am ..please.." at that moment his cock slid into her soaking cunt hard and deep.....He fucked her hard and she told me that while he was fucking her she was moaning so loud she was afraid the tenants in the neighboring apt would hear her....she came twice more as she lifted her ass up to meet his thrusts before he filled her cunt full of his seed....she said all she could think of was that she was finally the slut she wanted to be ..he then told her to take the load of cum home to me and tell him that Ken gave you what you wanted.....when she got up she told him to keep the yellow panties as a trophy to remember her by......when she got home .she told me what had happened and at first I told her it was a great story ...she responded by standing in front of me and lifting her skirt to reveal her p.antyless cunt with cum still dripping from her lips....we immediately fucked on the couch while she told me all about it......this is a .true story .....I have no doubt she will do it again when she is tempted...I just wonder how many other tenants has he shown the panties to and told them how he got them.......I'm sure there will be others on the hunt now.....

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  • You know that in stories like this one. The renters are female and the landlord is male who makes them fuck him in lieu of rent.

  • Well...that isn't the case here...the female here is my wife, it's a true story and she chose to fuck for her own reasons, not for the rent.

  • So you let your wife fuck anyone she wants. What will you do if she comes home pregnant or with an STD or STI and gives it to you?

  • What is it to you shithead ? Mind your fucking business .....

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