Got fucked on New Year's eve

So, here is what happened this new year eve. I got fucked by strangers. I dont know how many , i was at a covid permitting party of 10 people, hubby was away for work so it was just me at the party. A family friend' son - mid 20's was also there on new year eve. When im bit drunk, i cant control myself and i was not in my full senses. i have a feeling that him and his friends fucked me that night when i was intoxicated this guy was hitting on me and we were dancing at a friends and he said if i can give him company to go outside for a smoke - i dont smoke but he does, so i said ok. He took me outside and grabbed me and started kissing. I told him to stop but by then his finger was already in my pussy. I was so drunk and was kinda liking it. Next thing i felt is my skirt dropping down my feet and my tits are out and he is sucking on them. so I got worried and told him i cant let him fuck as i can get pregnant and someone might see us and tell my hubby He said lets go to his place - his flat is only two houses away so we go there and in few mins i was on his bed, all naked and there he was mercilessly fucking me. He gave me more rum and coke i kinda passed out.and in my sleep i felt different sizes of cock were fucking me . i was too drunk to say no or protest. and at one stage i felt there was a cock in my throat and one in my pussy. Thats when i realised that he must have called his friends and they were fucking me too as i was used by more than one guy. It was totally against my will when i was out of my senses but i know the guy and his family and don't want to ruin his life. Besides i had fun too. After couple hours when i got back to normal, i felt my pussy , no one had come inside me BUT my mouth was full of cum. He smiled and asked me if i was OK. I got very mad at him and told him that i will report this as a rape, he apologized and i now am holding this against him forever. I think i will keep him for my next round when i get horny.


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  • I love slut wives like you, you dont tell your hubby where you go and use your pussy. this story is so hot. you dont even know if there were 2 or 3 or 5 or 10 guys that fucked you while you were drunk and passed out, do you have any pics of your ruined, destroyed pussy?

  • Here's to hoping you get covid and die from it dude.

  • Fuc ur hot wish u were my wife

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