My wife was his whore

I get aroused by the thought that my lovely wife was made a whore by her ex boyfriend. He was a total badass, my wife’s parents warned her about this guy saying he most likely abuse her, he was big and older than she was and could really damage her body. She was 17. She told me that she would cut class to go with him in a motel and they’d fuck the whole day. He fucked her hard, she kept tab of her periods and lets him cum in her when it’s safe not to be impregnated, otherwise he fucks her in her mouth and dumps a load deep in her throat to swallow. They’d fuck in the car and that he’d hide her in his room and just fuck her quiet so that his parents wont hear them. She likes it when he’d shove his cock into her mouth while he’s driving. Holding her head by the hair and pumping her until he cum then lick the cock dry to swallow. Love her for being a whore.

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  • Your story sounds so much like my wife and me. The only difference is that my wife was a complete slut all her life and it wasn't just one guy who she was being used by.

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