Tied to bed fantasy turned into a sex craving cock hungry wife

I always teased my hubby when he would tell me just wait to see what happens if I tie you to the bed whenever I touched his butt in public. One night I had a few drinks cause I wanted to loosen up after my workout. He gave me a filled glass of wine and began to kiss me in the neck. Then said have some more while I please you. Ended up drinking 3 full wine glasses in about half a hour at this point I'm moist and told him to take me to bed and do as he pleased.

He took me to the bed said he will do as he wished. I told him take it then. He pulled my blouse up my head and turned the lights down. Said don't move. I heard some noise from the closet area and he got on top of me I felt his balls on my chest and then he handcuffed me to the bed still with the blouse over my head. I always fantisiZed about that but was too shy to tell him. He began to kiss me and touch me all over the said I'm not done yet he then spread my legs and tied them to the bed. He kept on teasing licking evereywhere. I was Soo turned on he asked if I loved cock I said yes.then said do u crave cock and getting fucked like a slit. I said quietly yes. Then he pinched my left nipple and said say it louder I said yes louder and I was at this point dying with lust. He said you will wait here I'm coming back to use you my slut. I heard him walk to the bathroom I assumed to wash his hands from my pussy juice it took him a few minutes and I grew up hornier. He climbed on the bed and began to rub my pussy with the shaft and said do u want it. I said fuck me now please I need my pussy filled. He poured some lube on my pussy as if I wasn't wet enough and then I felt it he entered me but it was different he felt ticker but I though it was due to being horny and knowing he was using me. He fucked me for a minute or two then pulled out and asked are you hungry for more cock?? I said yes. Take this then. And I felt him fuck me again this time it felt a tighter in my pussy but I was to horny and I kept on moaning. He said as he was getting close to coming cum you cock hungry slut tell me how much you love this cock and tell me how much would you like to suck it at the same time. I said yes I want it on my mouth too. Open your mouth he said I though he was going to stick his fingers in my to suck them but I smelled like strawberry and then I felt a hot hard dildo I though enter my mouth and before I protested he said milk me and suck it now. I came at that moment I orgasm so hard I felt the bed shake. He kept on pumping and came in me I felt his cock pump but no cum in me. He stayed there for a minute while I kept on sucking what he gave me. When he turned on the lights and said to me want to see what happened to you. He was wearing a cock sleeve and I was sucking a dildo with another sleeve. He said you really are my cock hungry slut. You got fucked by me with two different sleeves and even sucked the dildo without complaining. He then looked at me and said I luv u. I loved seeing the real you come out. Ever since I let him fuck me as he pleases and I loved turning into his cock hungry slutty wife

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