Sex with a Young Mother

Years ago I was working at a major Hospital in Houston, Tx. To make a long story short, I ended up having wild sex with the mother of a patient who was in the hospital. This gorgeous Blond Mom was 18. I was 42 at the time. She came on to me when we were alone and I naturally played along. We kissed casually for a few minutes. Then she whispered in my ear for me to please F..k her. As hot as this girl was, I sure wasn't going to let that opportunity pass. Getting some hot young pussy, oh heck yeah. I immediately started undressing her and she helped me out of my clothes. We were in a Hospital breakroom in a building that was partially under renovation. The floor we were on was empty of people, since it was a Friday night. I laid this gorgeous woman down on the breakroom table, mounted her, and wore her out sexually for over half an hour. I nailed that sweet pussy hard. She cummed big time and freely allowed me to fill her with my cum. After we finished, we played there in sweat and smelled of sex. We kissed some more, then got dressed and went back to my work station, just like nothing had happened. When I got off work, that gorgeous woman went back to her child's room, and I went home to my wife. I immediately took a shower once I arrived home, then slipped in bed next to my wife. She was asleep. I laid there for a while thinking about the wonderful young pussy I had tore up a few hours earlier. It felt Soo good. The next day I went to work as usual. The gorgeous blonde was gone, along with her child. Apparently the Hospital gave some medicine to the child and discharged him. To this day, I've never seen or heard from that gorgeous blonde again. All I have left is the memory of that sweet 18 year old fine pussy that I had the pleasure of wearing out. That's my confession, and 100% true.

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