Sex Slave 3

Its been awhile but as I have said I am a Sex Slave, and yes I enjoy it very much.
My Master has made me do all kinds of nasty things, sucking cocks, taking pictures and videos of me being naughty, being pissed on, eating cum, playing with dogs and so on. He has ordered me to write more on what I do so I will tell you my latest adventure. He invited his friend Gail over and while we were babysitting our neighbors dog he took some pictures of Gail and me making out and playing with the dog. Our neighbors dog has a very large cock and it really turns me on when it gets hard. Master had Gail and I play with the dog, kissing it and kissing each other. He ordered us to get the dog hard so he could take pictures of us playing with the dogs cock. Gail and I really got turned on and we started stroking the dogs cock and each taking turns licking it. We both sucked on the dogs balls and as the dog got excited he started to drip pre-cum and Gail and I took turns licking it up. My master ordered me to lay under the dog while Gail started to rub the dogs cock. I was so turned on I could hardly wait to put that large dog cock in my mouth. Gail started to jack off the dog and I was waiting to receive its cum. Gail pumped that dog cock faster and faster and I waited as the dog began to pump itself in Gail's hand and as my master took pictures I knew I wanted that doggy cum. In a few minutes the dog started to cum and Gail pumped that large cock towards my mouth. I opened my mouth and received a large load of doggy cum in my mouth. I thought that dog will never stop cumming. I then was ordered to share the doggy cum with Gail as my master took pictures of us kissing and sharing the dogs cum. We were ordered to clean each other up. I can hardly wait till I get to have more doggy cum spurt all over me.

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  • Mmm... VERY hot! Have you ever had a doggy piss on you? It's incredibly hot and very demeaning if you're into it!

  • Yes, when my Master had a friend bring his dog over and it did piss on my face, I wasn't allowed to clean myself. I did enjoy it.

  • Glad to hear from you again. I love your story x

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