Surprised i got them to have sex

My wife and myself are both 33 we been together since we were both 21. We have 2 kids together. We love each other very much. She has very good shape figure, blue eyes, blonde hair, c cup breasts, big booty from all squats she does.
We both work full time jobs, and are heavy involved with the kids and their activitys. Stressed for other things we keep up with in and around our lives So over the last year its been hard to make time for each other. Sex has not happened that much. Few times we tried to have sex, it just didnt happen and sadly i would loose my erection. It was very fraustrsting. I do always remember us teasing each other about doing something erotic for each other.

I have always thought about the idea of another man pleasing my wife for the last year. I thought well her birthday is coming up in November 2020. I want to do something erotic for her and hope she goes along with allowing another man to fuck her for the night. She has not been with another man since before we started dating at 21.
I work for a year around Landscape company and i got a co worker i had always thought about fucking my wife for few months now. 25 year old black man named Jamal. So i brought the idea up to Jamal one day we talked about it and joked about the idea for days but i told him im was serious to make this little fantasy come true. So after plenty of talking he agreed.
November 10th was coming up i booked a hotel for that day so i can send my wife there and a place for Jamal to pop out of. They day arrived I bought a sexy matching lace white bra, thong, stocking set for her to wear along with roses to lay out for rose pedals. I get to hotel room i lay rose pedals on floor. i leave the lingerie set in hotel for her to put on with a note of her surprise and told her to just got with it. Text my phone when she is all dressed and ready. What she doesnt know is i set up a few hidden cams so i can watch. Mean while i had Jamal on standby in his white suit in another area of hotel room.
My wife gets to hotel room. She reads note and puts on the lingerie. Texted me im ready for my surprise. So then i called Jamal to go to the room. He had a card as well so he swipes it and goes in. As i watch on camera as my wife layed in bed. Jamal says surprise. My wife stood up started laughing. They talked for a few mins till they got close and to my surprise they started kissing. They kissed slowly and passionately for 10 mins. My wife and Jamal moved to starting to take clothes off as they keep kissing. Jamal was completely naked and layed down on the bed as my wife kept on the stockings. She laid down beside him as they kiss more and she moved her hand down to his rather large and thick cock and started stroking him as they keep kissing. She then moved down and started sucking his cock. She even deep throated and took his whole cock in her mouth. For side note she never deep throated me. She then hopped on his cock reverse cowgirl style and rode him. Jamal was loving the site of my wifes big ass and kept slapping it. After few mins she turned around and rode him facing him. She even had an intense orgasm. They kissed til they moved to him on top of her. Where he really went deep in her and was fucking her hard. I think my wife was loving this birthday gift. My wife had another orgasm while Jamal was on top her. He got off her and flipped her over for some doggy style action. He starts fucking my wife with no mercy. Slapping her ass and even pulling her hair. He grabbed onto my wifes hips as he pounded away fast. As i watched Jamal then tensed up and blew a load inside my wife. By the look on Jamals face and how he tensed up looks like he came hard and shot a strong big load of cum inside my wife. My wife also had a shocked but pleasing look on her face as Jamal shot that load inside her. They laid together for about 20 mins kissing passionately. Jamal got up got dressed and left. My wife laid there for awhile till she showered.
Jamal caught up with me later and said that sex with my wife was amazing. He never had such great sex and he said he had an extreme intense release when he came hard inside my wife.
Caught up with my wife later that night. She thanked me. I thanked her for fulfilling the fantasy for me. Said it was amazing. She said thank goodness she is on the pill. Because she believes if she wasnt she probably be pregnant. She said Jamal exploded so hard and so much inside her. Best birthday gift ever she said.

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  • Hot story, but clearly fake. Black guys named Jamal, Tyrone, or Leroy are a cliche in IR porn written by white guys who don't know very many black people. Also, setting up cameras in a hotel room with live feed is certainly possible, but not a trivial matter. Not saying that a landscaper couldn't do it, but it's a stretch.

  • Haha. I’m saying a landscaper couldn’t and also agree that it is all bs

  • How about Manny or Manual???

  • Ruined defiled. ..
    Your insane and she's a blacked hoe. damaged and disgusting. She will probably be leaving your sorry ass soon to be a hoe n da hood. ...feel sorry for your kids. ..such lowlife losers their parents are

  • My ex wife and still FWB said a guy from work, a black guy took her to lunch several times and she thanks him with blowjobs. I also know fucked her white boss and gave him BJs. Knows how to use her fun holes.

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