It all started with a gangbang

It happened 5 years ago when I was 15 but now I'm 20. I used to go to parties very often. It was summer vacation so no school. I used to enjoy getting drunk, and my friends dragging me to go back to my apartment. I don't live with my parents, I was kicked out so I started living with my bestie. It was one time when my bestie went out with her boyfriend I knew thier intentions tho. So I was just enjoying there I met a guy, let's call him 'josh'. We talked for few hours. I met his friends too. And he offered me a drink and after that I got drunk. At a point I was about to puke but josh handled it. So we went outside and he pulled out his car keys and told me to get into the car so I did what he said. I was enjoying the ride it was summer night it was just amazing and romantic, josh was a nice guy, handsome, tall, and goofy.

I slept through out the ride and when we arrived, I was a bit confused cuz it was not my apartment it was a garage.
I asked him why i am here he replied "to have fun ". He lifted me up in bridal style and threw me on the rough mattress. I saw 4 guys there. Next thing I knew they all started touching me, I protested but they ignored my protest and kept touching me squeezing my boobs and my ass. I felt a bright light on my face, and I realised I was being filmed, so I struggled to get out from there but can't. The other guy forced me to drink but I denied and kept struggling. So that guy pinched my nose, I can't breathe so I had to open my mouth and I gulped the drink it was so strong. Next thing they all started ripping my clothes, paul ripped my shirt while jason pulled my pants out. While josh was filming all these. I screamed but they covered my mouth. They took off my bra and started squeezing it hard, pinching my nipples, then they started sucking it with thier mouth, and biting me. I hissed because of the pain. While a guy named Nick kissed me on my lips. I felt bright light on my face again, then I looked up they all were sucking my boobs so hard I wasn't enjoying it at all I felt like crying. Then someone ripped my panties off and started rubbing my pussy. I begged them to let me go. I wasn't wet that time so Jason licked me down there, I don't know what happened to me that time, I felt the movement of his tounge, it was so satisfying, I was never licked down there, when he licked it I got wet. So I stopped struggling and relaxed my body and started enjoying it. Seeing my reaction they all get it what I want, they started licking my whole body, and another guy licked me this time it was rough, one of them asked me if I'm enjoying it I nodded. I started giving them handjob and blowjob to return the favor. At one time my legs literally started shaking when I reached to that orgasm. He started fingering me and he slurped my cum. I had multiple orgasm, my nipples got hard. Then they started fucking me hard, while the other guy started fucking my mouth. When they all done they come out on my face and my boobs then at last josh handed the camera to Paul and he came to me took a cloth and started wiping the semen from my body. while those guys headed out. It was only josh and Paul in the garage.
Josh kissed me roughly, he started giving me hickeys on my neck then started sucking my boobs and went down I swear this guy knows how to make a women happy. He licked my pussy, sucked my folds and boom I started getting wet, but he wasn't done yet he licked me till my legs started shaking my whole body started shaking, but I had multiple orgasm but he wasn't done I started screaming "stop" cuz I can't handle it anymore but he was waiting for my another orgasm and I moaned loud.

He started fingering me, he took out his t-shirt , I could see his toned abs, biceps, and the tatto on his chest. He was damn hot. He inserted his dick in my pussy and started Banging me first slowly then after 10 minutes he gone roughly then more roughly I screamed, but I liked it. He was damn good in this. Then he took out his dick, and started kissing me again squeezing my boobs, my thighs it was so hot he kept doing it for a while maybe because he was about to come.
Then he told me to get on my knees I did and I returned the favor. I sucked him good, he then started fucking me from behind so roughly that I passed out.
Next morning when I woke up I felt someone's hand on my waist, I looked behind me I saw josh he was sleeping, his dick was still inside me, and it was hard maybe morning wood. I sit up he woke up, his eyes turned a lil red.
I tried to stand up and walk but couldn't my legs were in pain. I fall on mattress and josh chuckled. After the night it was so rough but I enjoyed it. He took me to his room and I had breakfast there I informed my bestie that I'm with my friend rn. He asked me if had fun last night I said yes and I'm willing to do it again.
He dropped at my apartment.During the ride we had a convo, we got to know each other more and we exchanged our phone numbers.
Josh was Just a fun guy he was in college, freshman, he was 18 that time. But one thing is he knows how to please a women very well and I'm impressed. I was so dumb to deny this at first.
Next weekend I went to that party again and met josh and we went to garage again but this time I saw new faces I enjoyed the night. I did it for 3 more times. Till then josh and I were becoming close, he was my summer hook-up. We used to fuck more often. I developed feelings for him. Sometimes we just go to long drive, listening to songs, we had same taste in music. After an year on summer, I again started partying after that stressful school session. Josh used to take me to hotel rooms many times I had threesome, foursome, and gangbanged. And as always he used to film it. And after they all done he would fuck me. I never had that fun in gangbang until it's josh, I love his every touch.
For some years I stopped getting gangbanged it was only josh and me. When I finally came to college, I confessed that I have feelings for him at first he hesitated but then we got into relationship and I moved with him. We had sex every now and then. He prefer me being completely naked all the time so I do what he said. One time his friends came to our apartment and some of them shocked finding me naked. So I was got fucked by them. I asked josh if it was okay he said he loved it. After more years being in relationship he confessed that he now don't feel good sharing me with his friends, "I don't wanna share something that is mine," he said these words were like magic to me, I liked him more, I was in love with this men, still I am.
I would do anything to make him happy, he got to know what I like the most, getting eaten out. So he eat me out more often to make me happy. I used to watch porn specially the blowjob part so that I could do better and satisfy him. And it helped I was improved in this skill. But he prefer to eat me without getting anything in return. Sometimes on Saturday he will just lick me whole day, and my pussy turns reddish because of that fuck me whole night that I couldn't walk for the whole day. I had a great sex life we try many new things. But it was not all about sex afterall. we used to sometimes share our feelings our secrets to each other.
When ever he had bad day I would just comfort him and giving him kisses and we cuddle for hours. And when I feel sad he do the same. He was sorry whatever he did on that day, he still thinks that he raped me whenever he watches those recordings, so he deleted them and threw the camera on trash. he won't force me to have sex when I don't feel like doing it. Whenever we had an argument, I'll be just submissive and keep my mouth shut, and after few minutes he'll just come to me and hug me and kiss me. One time he angrily shouted at me but I didn't said a word and went to sleep while crying. I woke up in mid night I found him eating my pussy when I reacted he grabbed my thighs telling me not move he licked it for like hours, he hugged me from behind, kissing my ears and leaving trails of kisses on my neck and checks and said sorry. I'm glad that I met him in that party.

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