I Hate Feet, Fags, and Niggers

Fuck you foot sniffer, my sister loves to suck my dick just because you can't have her don't mean you can talk shit about me.

I hate Gay People a bunch of loser faggots who should all be lynched because they just wants dicks while I get my sister's pussy.

Donald Trump was a great President but you dumbfucks voted for that Miserable old fuck Joe Biden, I ought to kill you all for that.

Also I really hate Black People, they are worthless and all Niggers should be wiped off the face of the Earth.

Also The Foot Sniffer too.



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  • But you secretly like dudes sucking your smelly balls and you fuck christian wives and you call yourself a good man and you have 4 kids and you're horny allllll over again.

  • You fuck your sister? Are your kids okay? Your sister prolly makes you sniff her feet! I bet she locked your 2 inch pecker in a chastity cage and rams your turd cutter with a foot long black cock

  • I hate these black basterd always robbing innocent people especially phone the fucking tramp look at the world now u dont even need the kkk to do anything all these ass showing nigga killing them self over a postcode they dont even own hahaha fucking malcom x and the other piece of shit Martin did it for no reason I also blame the brits and American for bringing them over these sweaty ass black basterd

  • Lol. Funniest post in a long time. Kudos to your over the top stupidity. Amazing

  • The foot sniffer guy is the ranter not me

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