Sex addict

Hypersexuality is, from my personal experience, an overwhelming compulsion and addiction to sex and sexual content. When I’m hypersexual, I get intense cravings for sex. It’s similar to the sort of ‘butterflies in your stomach’ feeling when you fall in love. It’s an intense high that gives me a massive boost in self-confidence. The temptation to act out is so strong I can practically feel it on my skin and taste it on my tongue. The worst part about hypersexuality is I’m never satisfied. I have to actively resist what my body is essentially trying to do on autopilot. If I’m not careful, then I’ll do something I’ll regret.

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  • Omg same this crazy

  • I have the same issue. The autopilot I go into when I am overwhelmed by the cravings. I have done things I regret, things my wife could leave over. It is a battle but I am concurring this. Still act out now and then but battling hard every day

  • I always think about pleasure , my cock and balls are always aching for more , but what l really need is to give pleasure

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