Horny at the lake.

When I was in early teens probably 15-16 .My local friend and I were at this town lake beach sitting on the dock.I remembered talking about girls and blowjobs.We were both virgins and not yet discovered real sex yet.As we talked we both had huge hard ones in our swim shorts.We looked at each other and said to bad there isn’t anywhere private to masterbate.We then looked in the water and there were several boats attached to buoys.It was then we decided to swim out and climb into a boat .At this point we got naked and the next the thing I knew we took Turns sucking each other off.We eventually ended up in the 69 postition when we both came in each other’s mouth.We we’re excited but a little shy to.We swam back to shore .About a week later he asked for me to sleep over which as kids back then parents were cool about this.I couldn’t wait until bed time because I knew it was time to get our cloths off and start sucking each other off.we probably did this 3 or 4 times that night.I love his cock deep in my throat and swallowing all his hot cum .I never saw him because we moved away .



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  • At 56 now seem like boys did it I did it it was almost common daily trade nighttime me and my brother would do it mostly can you show me how to do it one time and have to write this damn he wouldn't do it no more to me every night my sister made me eat her p**** before I went in my brother's room so I had p**** then go on my brother's room suck him at sleepovers camping brothers and sisters sucking f****** I don't remember talking friends with your sister just me and my wife suck my brother's dick don't have no problem with it so I'm fine

  • That would have never happened if you would have had sister's or mom's to have sex with.

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