My son's penis

I'll be frank: I had no opinion either way, in the suburbs of Chicago in the Midwest, whether my boys should be circumcised. My husband was, as was my father, and every other male I knew, so I agreed.

But my eldest son came to me when he was in his twenties, and demanded to know what happened to his penis. I told him nothing, except for his circumcision. He pushed me and asked what else happened.

Then it dawned on me. The pediatrician said this was normal, and so I never thought it would be an issue twenty years after.

At his six week check up, his skin was stuck. Stuck to the ridge of the head of his penis! I didn't realize this could happen. Our pediatrician explained to me that regardless of his circumcision, I should be pulling the skin back, or else it would adhere to his glans!

I judiciously pulled the skin back from that point forward until I was comfortable letting him take care of himself.

Well, I would have never imagined my boy would remember any of this.
But he was persistent so I had to come clean, telling him, "I used to pull back the skin for you to prevent it from getting stuck."

He seemed surprised. "What skin? What got stuck?'

"Don't you have to pull it back in the shower?" I asked.

"No! I assumed that's why you circumcised me. I don't have anything to pull back."

Well, I have to say, this was surprising. I just assumed he had the same cuff of skin around the ridge like when he was a baby, and he just learned to pull it back like I did when I changed his diaper.

"I mean when it's flaccid. You don't need to pull it back?" I asked.

"No. There is nothing to pull back.". He answered.

I walked over to the desk and grabbed a pencil and paper. "Let me draw a picture of how it looked," I said.

"Mom, do want to see mine?" He asked.

"No!" I gasped.

No, I don't want to see my adult son's penis.


But he looked sincere. He wasn't trying something weird... Was he?

"Mom, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable..."

He looked so sincere and innocent. He was genuinely worried about what happened to his....

"Show me your penis," i offered.

With that, he stood up, unbuttoned his jeans, and pulled his briefs down under his scrotum.

His penis was not at all as I remembered it to be. The entire glans was exposed and the darker ring of the circumcision scar encircling the shaft was at least an inch and a half behind the coronal ridge.

"Wow!" I whispered in spite of myself. I reached out to grasp my son's penis.

He flinched.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked.

"No, mom, I'm okay."

I pulled the shaft skin forward and telescoped his penis inwards so that the shaft skin came over the glans. "When you were born, your penis looked like this,' I explained. I relaxed my grip slightly and let the edge of his circumcised foreskin rest at the ridge of his glans as I clinically explained, "and then you were circumcised, so the head of your penis was showing, and it looked like this."

He nodded. "But there was more to it, , Mom?'

"Yes," I answered, holding his penis with the skin at the ridge. "It would look like this, so when I bathed you, or changed your diaper, I pulled it back as far as it would go."

With that, I demonstrated to my son how I cared for his penis when he was a baby. I pulled the skin back as far as it would go. Taut.

"Mom," he asked, "did I ever get an erection when you... Mommy? Why is my penis so erect?!?"


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  • Chicago is a shit hole. The mayor is a fucking joke.

  • What a BS story!

  • I hope you and your mom made it to the bedroom?

  • I doubt it! Very hot

  • Thankfully iv allowed my kids to choose what they do with there own body.

  • Good decision! It is male mutilation in my opinion

  • Your opinions come out of your asshole.

  • Did you wait until they were old enough to talk so you could ask them if they wanted to be circumcised?

  • Nothing a little fucking of your pussy can't cure

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