Dick sucking & piss drinking

I’m a 49 M married to a 61 f and keep a 25 f semi junky on the side. I call her a junky because she’s always high weed meth just about anything. She’s very very clean. I enjoy licking her ass after she’s worked all day. I’ve also asked her not to wipe her pussy after she pees. Then after work I love licking her pussy clean. The smell of her pussy and the strong sent of piss really turn me on. I can get her to piss in my mouth and I drink every drop I can. When we’re done she sends me home to my wife stinking of piss and pussy. Now I want to take it further and I want to suck dick have her watch and join in on it. I want to swallow cum get my ass fucked drink both their piss eat her ass and pussy then go home to my wife stinking of that and see if she notices. One last confession I’ve been doing my little 25 girl since she was 20 and though I really don’t love her I’m addicted to her pussy that’s my drug and I cannot give it up.

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  • When I eat her pussy concentrating more on her clit and pee hole nearby, I wait for her to orgasm squirting pees. I drink all of it and go on sucking - not to waste a bit!! OH! great feeling. The we take some rest before driving my hard cock onto her wet pussy - literally drilling deep her cunt!!

  • What you gonna do when you get pulled over with your junky GF and she hides the drugs in between the seats and the police find it. Then your wife will know and so will everyone who knows you. The cops know the junkies by name.

  • Your girlfriend really has a romantic dimension to her that is incredible, the way she manages to pry you away from your wife by stimulating and capturing your senses of taste and smell, relying only on her own bodily perfumes and outflows (liquids and solids) AND simultaneously announcing her presence to your wife by sending you home smelling and tasting of her discharges. Soon she will add her menstrual sauces to the weaponry. And if she doesn't do that on her own, you must insist that she do so. Your sad post-menopausal wife needs to know that you are intimately involved with a woman who's still a woman and ready, willing and able to bear children for you. Seeing the menstrual blood of such a young woman on your clothing and your skin, and tasting it in your mouth, will confirm her greatest fear: she is losing you to a far-superior female. You need to start fucking and eating the GF while she's on her periods. You must.

  • Have you gotten your GF a breast augmentation?

  • We can only hope your wife finds out before you give her an STI or worse.
    Then she can divorce you and take everything. On the plus side you can share the cardboard box under the highway's bridge with your 25yo junky.

  • Your 25 yogf clearly loves you more than your wife does because she is giving you more of herself than your wife does. I think it's wonderful and I think you are lucky and amazing, and are to be admired. I am curious how the watersports exchange began: did you ask for it as a condition, or did SHE volunteer it on her own? Thank you for sharing this incredible relationship with us here!!!

  • Congratulations for fucking typhoid mary. There is totally no way you could know how many or what kinds of diseases she has, carries or been exposed to, from STI's to hepatitis to HIV and other infections. And oh by the fucking way, chief: HAVE YOU HEARD OF COVID???!!? Well??! I know you consider this to be fun and games, but you're playing Russian Roulette with this JUNKY!! She's nuts, and you've caught THAT from her, even if you haven't caught anything else . . . yet. This will end in disaster.

  • LMAO

  • I'm not judging your extramarital activities: that's a moral question each of us must answer for ourselves, recognizing that our answers necessarily affect our spouses. However, you're claiming that your paramour is "clean". I assume that means you believe she doesn't use needles or at least she's not sharing rigs with her suppliers or other users. But that belief can't extend beyond your physical presence WHILE SHE'S USING. You CAN'T know what she does when you aren't with her. And that certainty ends, of course, as soon as you gohome to your wife. Plus, you have NO IDEA what else she has in her purse or medicine cabinet or car glove compartment or office desk drawer, be it pills or powders or otherwise. You have to recognize --- for the sake of yourself and your wife (and I'm praying here that you have no children at home) --- that everything she eats, drinks, smoke or ingests is going to produce residues that will come out in her urine and feces. So, she is a walking hazardous waste site, and each time you drink from her holy fountain or give her a nice rimming, you are taking on all that toxic disaster . . . . . and then bringing it home to your wife. What you do to yourself is your business, one supposes, but when you set foot in the door at home, you're exposing your wife to potential medical catastrophes that are unidentifiable and immeasurable. And they are disgusting. "Clean"??!? That girl is A LOT OF THINGS, but "clean" ain't on the list. And neither are you. And now, thanks to you, bother is your wife.

  • My wife squirts pees most of the time she reaches orgasms. And I cannot but swallowing her warm pees. Then I googled urine drinking, fund a wealth of information, called urine therapy. It is good for health. Now we both drink our pees twice a week, either our own or each others.

  • Why give it up? I bet your semi-junky looks a hell of a lot better than your wife.

  • Yes . . . . please do tell us how she looks and dresses. Do you buy her lots of Victoria's Secret outfits? Do you pass her around to friends? Does she turn many tricks?

  • You should take your junky mistress home with you some afternoon when your wife is out and fuck her in the bed where you sleep with your wife. Fuck her in the pussy AND in the ass. You should also have her piss in the bed (a little) and piss on both your pillow and your wife's pillow. Then have her piss in your wife's panty drawer and in her shoes (all of them), then take out your wife's best dress and nicest winter coat and have your mistress spray them with her urine/love. Your girlfriend will love you even more. And YOU will love HER forever after that. Plus, it will deepen your addiction to her pussy and her piss. It will be a meaningful bonding experience for you both.

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  • This asshole again, fuck his virus links

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  • Gross

  • I love and envy how much of her bodily fluids she gives you to consume! So sweet so hot so delicious! Its beautiful how she sends those magnificent juices, solids and scents home with you to your wife! That is genuine perfection! This child is brilliant!!!!! You should marry her! Soon! You should ask her to start work on blowing up your marriage. Girls like her LOVE to destroy all relationships but especially marriages. You are the luckiest man alive!!! Do whatever is necessary to keep her in your life! You should tell her you want her to start having your babies, then take her off her birth control. Having her present your wife with a baby you and she made will break your wife's heart in pieces. Especially when the girl tells her, "I'm pregnant again!!!" New orgasm rule for you starting today: you can fuck any of her holes any time you want, but you only cum in that cavernous cunt of hers. "NO WASTED SEMEN!!! We have babies to make!!"

  • These are all fantastic ideas. Although you say you don't love the young girl, I actually think you do love her, and she obviously loves you, as anybody can plainly see. I agree with ^this^poster: you really should divorce your sad sack of a wife and marry your YOUNG mistress. Since you don't have kids at home, it won't disrupt a family and it will free you to love the one who fully loves you and who shows it every day. AND . . . . . imagine yourself being seen out in public with that fine fine fine fine fine YOUNG lady at your side, and with her hands in your pants EVERYWHERE!! She's nasty and you need more of that in your life. Plus, you need her to start making babies for you. She's going to be a terrific wife AND mother. Get to work on her!!!

  • Stay with your wife or go but they is no reason to be cruel Keep her healthy Keep her safe Keep her clear of that trash heap you love and all her filthy drug diseases and all her criminal friends All wives want you to please please at least do that okay okay?

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