Sex with shemls

I am a married man to a beautiful wife but oversexed as I am I cant get enough. I always had a curiosity for shemales Shemales. with big asses Many of them pupm their butts with silicone and their butts get so huge , I cant resist so I use the local sex trade paper and find many of them advertising. I call and set up dates and go to their place or motel. The cost is 100 and I have sex with them 2 -3 times a week. I am not gay or anything and pretend their genitals are just real big clit. Most shemales are submissive and are real feminine . I cant stop having sex with them and its a good thing I have a good business to afford my habit. My does not know a thing. I guess its the weird nature the taboo of having sex with shemales that make it so good

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  • Somthing I want to do can't get the courage

  • When I was overseas in the Army, me and my buddies went to a strip club. Full nudity. We were all enjoying ourselves, but one of our buddies was really into this one stripper, until one of the local guys told us the stripper was a guy. That couldn't be, she's naked and clearly had a vagina. My buddy asked her if she was a guy, and she admitted to having a sex change surgery. I don't know who did that surgery, but her pussy looked real. There is no way any guy would have known she used to be a guy unless she told him. I'm not sure, but I think my buddy fucked her anyway that night.

  • Hey if he did and he enjoyed himself who are we to judge. Am I right?

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