Fucking my granny

I routinely visit my 55 yo granny in this covid-days and often stay on weekends with her. I used to sleep with her in my childhood. And now she does not mind me sleeping with her in the same bed rather she always admired my 23 yo firm body, wrapped me around while sleeping and often joked on my hard-on. On the other hand, I had always an eye on her – still slim, 36B boobs with little sag and broad ass cheeks – looked much younger. Alone we two in the house she was rather care-free with her dress that showed lots of her cleavage and turf on pussy mounds. But she had sleep problem and had to take sleeping pills on almost every night. This night I could not sleep with one hand in Granny's waist and my fingers ventured to lower her panties and towards her pussy.
I felt the thick warm lips of her pussy as I pushed down her panties to find her vagina. I pushed one finger into her pussy slit, then another and then a third one. She turned around on her back and parted her legs with a soft moan. This gave me full access to her pussy hole. When my fingers were out, her cunt slit did not close, there was a gap -- a dark tunnel of delight. I was amazed to see this opening and I inserted my index finger and felt a lump distended down – her thick cervix with an opening of about an inch! Evidently it was due to her old age and two pregnancies in the past. I was enthusiastically frigging her with two fingers into it. That she reacted moaning no … no… she appeared to be awakening but then drifted into sleep. I stopped for brief moment and carefully tool out my fingers. I must go ahead – now or never.
I lifted her legs up and pushed wide apart her thighs, spread her pussy lips, wet by then. I gently ran my tongue around the inner pussy lips stroking her engorged clit by my tongue. She seemed to relax with steady. I got some lube from her bedside table and lubed my fingers and knob of my cock. I got into her pussy again lubed the new hole within. I plunged my tongue into her, tasting her juices mixed with dull taste of lube. She reached couple of short orgasms and again, there was stillness, when granny started to snore gently to deeper sleep.
My cock was throbbing hard, I took it in my hand and nudged her slit slowly. Granny responded with deep moans and blinked her eyes. She felt what was happening and parted her pussy lips by her fingers. My 8” rock-hard cock entered her with ease, pushing deeper her cervix. She whispered – deeper my dear. Suddenly my cock-head slithering down her hole pressing hard the opening of her cervix. She moved her butt a little to reposition her pussy. I gently thrust the rest of my cock deeper as to hit the new opening beneath with little effort. She muttered mmmmm, may be with some pain but my cock-head slid into her cervix. Granny pushed her butt up a little and it was embedded into the softness of the cervix quite well as if a soft ring closed around my glans. I pushed my cock a little force and that enticed me to push my cock more – deeper. I was able to achieve it by some inches stimulating me to the heights of sexual delight. Granny clutched my waist hard by her hand and her legs jammed against my butt! I wanted granny to enjoy this too, and kept myself still as long as she wanted me to remain like that. I lowered my body and cupped her boobs while my fingers played with her nips. Granny drifted slowly into sleep again as her hips writhed in response to my embeded cock inside her and stimulation of her boobs. I think she was mentally asleep but physically enjoying her sexual joy after a long time!

After about half an hour granny was totally awake (or was she awake already to relish the deep erotic feeling of a new kind of sex?), beneath me her hips bucked, her abdomen quivering in quick succession and then her whole body started convulsing violently with orgasms, and she squirted pees for couple of seconds!! I could not hold myself longer … my testicles tingled and tightened as I unloaded jets of cum deep into her. My cock-head slipped out of her cervix but my cock remained there buried inside her warm cunt till it went limp slowly. Granny was in ecstasy whispering – OMG! This was totally mind-blowing, missed it so far and too long.
As we lay there on the bed, she drew me closer to her boobs - come on dear son massage my tits, suck on nips and play with my pussy gently. Her nipple seemed to be already engorged, large and firm, now I teased her nipple it in my mouth, gently biting it with my teeth. As I touched her pussy, she squirmed, she was obviously very sore. I gently stroked my hand around her mound, my fingers caressing her lips, gently touching her erect clit hood and wet pee slit.

I turned myself around, granny was on her back, knees raised and parted. As I turned my face close to her gaping pussy deep aroma engulfed my sensuality. Her labia were swollen. I am a good pussy eater and on an impulse, granny's gaping pussy was in my mouth. Oh dear, she gasped, as I sucked her swollen clitoris into my mouth. Slowly using my fingers I parted her labia and thrust my tongue into her pussy -- tongue fucking her. Granny was breathing faster -- nearer to coming. She grasped my hips pulling me closer to her. Then she was squirting -- I was frantically trying to swallow all her warm and sweet juices. My erect cock was in her soft warm mouth. I came hard into her mouth – she swallowed all cum till my cock was dry.
Granny slept and sated I slept. We got out of bed and got dressed. She wanted have shower together after breakfast.

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  • Granny 55, you 23, was your mother 7 when she had you?

  • I only faked my age!!

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