Sex Hurts

My wife is 35 and soooo gorgeous. Every day I wake up beside her and look at her and wonder what she's doing with an ordinary guy like me. We haven't had normal sex for two years now. When she was pregnant with our last kid, we fooled around a lot more than the first time she was pregnant. I'd titty fuck her and she'd give me hand jobs and blow jobs and it was really great.

So after the baby was born, one night in bed when she's got my cock in her hand she tells me she's never liked having a cock in her and she'd rather we just kept doing what we were doing when she was pregnant. When a woman's got your cock in their hand you're gonna say yes to almost anything so I said yeah.

So in one way it's worked out really good. Now she's always grabbing my cock and jerking me off or sucking me off and wanting me to titty fuck her and we have non sex about 100 times more than we ever had sex sometimes like two or even five times a day like she's some kind of sex maniac.

But she says she just feels so liberated and relieved that she doesn't have to worry about me sticking my cock in her.

Now I don't even miss fucking her cunt but I feel less of a man for not actually fucking her.


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  • I would say you choose in your pussy or your ass . Don't need inow one to jerk me off unless it's some whore from the streets

  • It sounds like heaven to me. Does she let you look at her whilst you wank off over her?
    My partner is off sex but let’s me wank off in her black stockings in front of her when she’s not up to wanking me. Such a turn on.

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