Sucking cock in -20

I met a bi top online and the pic he sent me had my mouth watering. We met and drove a short way to the woods. We got far enough back and I dropped to my knees while he whipped out his beautiful cock. It was already semi hard even though it was so cold out. I wasted no time taking him in my mouth and slowly mouth fucked him until he was full hard and thick..then the real fun began. I took him balls deep and swallowed his cock head. He moaned as he felt me keep swallowing with his cock down my throat. I needed air ( holy big fucking dick!) and took to licking his balls while he jerked. Then I started licking his sweet head and jerking him. He started getting close, so I put my hands on his ass and pulled him towards me, mouth fucking his juicy shaft right down to his balls and let him pump my mouth until I heard him moan “Oh man, I cumming” So I went down as far as I could and let him shoot his huge load right down my throat..I thought he was done, but there was still cum oozing out of his head, so I licked the jizz off of his head and gave him one final suck.. I love eating cum. So creamy. Oh yeah, it was -20. Lol

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  • I’m 64 and in my 20’s and 30’s me and a buddy used to fuck and suck eachother all the time. Big time fun. We’d do it in the car, down at the beach at night, wherever. The first time was his girlfriend was out of town and we were at his apartment. It was getting late and he said why don’t you come into bed instead of sleeping on the couch? I said I don’t think so, we went back forth, finally I said give me five minutes to decide. He left and I quickly got undressed. I deliberately waited longer and when he came out I was naked and just had his underwear on. I stood up walked over to him pulled his boxes down and we started to play with eachother , and we began kissing eachother, it was so hot. In a nutshell we fucked and sucked the night away. Never knew I could cum that much and keep getting hard. That went on for years

  • Hot. -20 or not, i think I could handle that......deep in the woods, private place. Sometimes I find one of my college buddies walking in the woods, slow....and deliberate and now I think I know why.....they are looking too. In NC.

  • Thanks! It made me hard when I wrote it. I hoped others may feel the same way..His cock got sooo big..he came lots..hard again.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:


  • I’m not homo I’m Bi. Everybody dies. What’s your fucking point?

  • I think that the poster’s point is that queers and bi’s are worthless to society and ought to self-destruct. You should oblige.

  • I didn’t ask to be this way. In my work life, I have saved lives so I really don’t care about narrow minded fucks hating..

  • I was an 11 year old boy having sex with older boys at the ski resort that my parents have season passes at. I even had my red rosey cheeks fucked bottoms up in a snow drift.

  • Wish you were sucking my cock and swallowing my load

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