Vacuum blow job

So as the title says, I gave my self a blow job with a vacuum.
It started off with me cleaning my car. I’d been horny for days so I thought I might try using the vacuum my self since I hadn’t had a blow Jon in many years.
This is a vacuum where you can adjust the sucking power, so I turned it way down. I put my cock to the vacuum and quickly realised I was way too big for the hose. I saw that the main plastic handle had a large end that attached to the hose, so I took this bit apart and turned it around. This was now a good fit and the suction on my cock felt so good. But it still felt like it could be better.
I went and got some baby oil and poured it on my cock and rubbed it in. I then poured some into the plastic vacuum pipe to lube it up a bit also. My cock was now rock hard in anticipation. I put my cock into the vacuum pipe, the light suction gently tugging at me as I moved slowly in and out of the pipe. I felt like it could suck harder, so I reached down and turned the vacuum up to half power. Oh now the suction on my cock felt so good! My cock was getting pulled slightly further into the pipe.
A slight vibration began to happen to the head of my cock from the air being sucked past it. This new sensation was nearly mind blowing! I wanted more! I reached down again and turned the vacuum to full power! The pull on my cock was now intense but felt so good. I adjusted the pipe again so the vibration would return to the head of my cock, only this time more intense due to the full suction power. There it is, the vibration to my head! So intense, so good, this time over whelming! I can feel my knees getting weak as my orgasm rises in my body, the feeling is amazing, I’m at the brink! I can’t take it any more and as I explode my cum into the vacuum pipe I release the other sucking hose from the pipe I have my cock inserted in to prevent my cum going into the vacuum. I continue to pump my cock with the pipe as my intense orgasm subsides.
All that’s left to do now is clean up. I can’t wait to do this again.

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  • Been doing it since I was 14. My sister caught me she was 16. But then she wanted to see me do it and then she tried on her clit.

    13 years later we live together and give vacuum jobs to each other at least twice a day.

    We kiss each other while doing it and I regularly suck her tits and she holds me cock.
    We also share a bed and masterbate each other until we cum. For all intense purposes are a married couple and are in love.

    We really want to have sex or oral but are afraid to cross that line or it will be incest.

  • I’ve done this several times and really enjoy it. I too had to figure out the most comfortable method.
    I told my wife about this incredible blow job I got and she had to see for herself. At first I felt kind of weird doing it in front of her but saw her face fill with delight at the sight of my pleasure.
    I came up with a vacuum method to use on her clit and WOW, my face filled with delight. She went crazy, just the thought of something new I guess, she came quickly.
    She sometimes uses the vac to masturbate
    Works great

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