Barefoot Bitch at the Bank

I was waiting to get some money from the ATM behind some white trash bitch who was cussing at the machine like a motherfucker and she was standing on the concrete barefoot. I honked my horn and told her to move her nasty, barefoot ass out o the way; then she comes to my car and shoves her dirty fucking foot in my face while I was in my car. I immediately punched her in her leg and she pulled me by my hair and started to punch me and I grabbed her by her neck and slapped her in the mouth as I got out of my car and we had a cat fight in the Bank's Drive Thru over the ATM. Bank employees got out of the bank to break up our fight, and asked what the problem is? The Barefoot Bitch starts cussing out the Bank Tellers talking about how their ATM is a piece of shit and I said; well maybe if you had better manners and wear some goddamn shoes than maybe your life would be easier, and she says that I don't know her, and I said I don't want to know you, you goddamn white trash bitch. Then she slaps me and I slap her back and we had a rematch where we started fighting on top of my car as I was pummeling this bitch and she rams me into her car and tries to shove her dirty foot in my face but I pushed her to the ground and started to continue to beat the hell out of this bitch until the sirens were heard and the Cops came but I was able to get in my car and drive away, not sure about that trashy barefoot bitch, but if I see this skank again I will beat the hell out of her once again.

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  • Fake news from the democrats again

  • Oh listen to you. Ms. Bad Ass.
    I doubt you could whip your way out of a wet paper bag.
    Sounds to me like your the fowl mouth bitch sticking your nose in where it didn't belong.

  • Fuck you dickhead or i'll whoop your ass too

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