I want to suck black cock

I really really REALLY wish I could 1
; it must be one of the best feelings ever, to have such a hot and warm thing inside your mouth, sucking and sucking until it just cums.

Btw, I live in Valencia, Spain if any hot black guy is interested

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  • I sucked my first black cock in 2014 and I enjoyed it. Met a guy at a bar and we were talking for a bit, eventually the conversation led to us wanting to hang out at his apartment. After we got there I asked him If I could suck his dick and he agreed. We went into his bedroom and got naked. I told him I've never sucked a black cock and he really got hard. He had a big thick 10" inch cock, i made him lay back on his bed and started sucking. At first I struggled with his length until I warmed up and relaxed my throat muscles. He was surprised i could deepthroat it all. I gave him a nice long blowjob for about 45mins until he squirted his warm load in my mouth. He was glad when I swallowed it all and said I gave him the best head he's ever had. Now we still hook up once in a while.

  • A BBC? It is and I LOVE it

  • Black cock is big, thick and long........love to suck it, outdoors.....in a park, jogging trail, movie theatre, alley, ymca sauna/steam room. In North Carolina.

  • I was a cute prepubescent boybitch to a handful of black boy's that frequented the park near my grandparents house. I was thirteen when I got my first taste of a black mancock, much more salty than I was used to.

  • I've been fucking white boys since I was a teenager. I found out that when cute little white boys get a taste of black cock they're gonna ride it any way I want them to.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh


  • Shut up, dumbass

  • GFY, rapist.

  • You love it don't You I bet You love those big black cocks. You fantasize about it 24/7. Imagining Them cumming in your mouth or slipping up your ass. Then talking with Your racist, redneck hillbilly white supremacist buddies about Your "Racial purity" LOL. You sit there spewing Your impotent racist bile loser. My Black lover has invited two of His friends to join us over the weekend, and I'm going going to enjoy being a good, little white sissy bitch for them. I'm going to suck Their huge thick swollen Black cocks whenever They want and I always Swallow their delicious Black cum. Similarly I will let Them fuck Me in the ass and pump Me full of their Black sperm. I'm ready for anything They want, spit-roasting, double anal anything at all. They can be as rough and dominant with Me as They want. Because We all know Black men are Our Masters. You could join us if You want? My Black lover could get some more of His friend and we could have some real fun. You'd like that wouldn't You LOL. You Sad pathetic redneck loser. BLACK COCK'S MATTER. Proud Black Cock Loving Whiteboy Slut.

  • Niggers are filthy and still like shit.

  • Black cocks are always connected to simians. Blacks stopped evolving centuries ago while other races continued to evolve into civilized people. The white pedophiles, rapists, and imbeciles that let black dudes fuck them are themselves impotent mental eunuchs. The fact that you’re bragging about having sex with animals proves that you’re a waste of skin and air.

  • LOL. You sad, sad little loser, You honestly believe racist inbred "white supremacist" morons like You are civilized? Your kind are obsolete You will soon be a minor footnote in the history books. Mixed race Americans will look back at the likes of You and laugh, The days when Blacks, Latinos women and the LGBTQ community were scared of Your kind are long over. Blacks Stopped evolving You Claim? That'll be why My Black lover owns His own business buying, renovating and selling properties and makes four and a half million after tax, per year. All His workers are African-American, every job is completed on, Or before schedule and there has never been more than a handful of complaints about the properties. All of which complaints were dealt with in 48 hours, His got a waiting list of clients to provide work for the next three years, and He'll be able to retire at forty-five and live very well for the rest of his life. I expect you work in a factory, garage, or possible You're a prison guard. A lot of You Racist do, You revel in Your uniform. Your Petty authority. But You fear the black inmates, Their masculinity and aggression scares You. You live in terror of a riot of being captured, of what They might do to You. How They might teach You to respect Black men. You're repelled by the thought but , You keep thinking about it....... You hate Me because I do what You dream about I'm not ashamed of what I am I love Black men and I love Black Cock. It's that simple. Don't like it? Tough. P.S In the last 24 hours I have sucked 3 Black men's cocks, deep-throated Them and swallowed Their cum, and They've each fucked My ass and cum inside Me, They used Me like a whore and I loved it. Proud Black Cock Loving Whiteboy Slut.

  • Funny how a pedophile that has killed children thinks they can claim moral high ground and accuse someone else of being a white supremicist. And then goes on with a BS story about an alleged black lover that makes $4.5M Annually. Then you admit he’s a racist employer as all of his employees are black. Oh, wait...you said- ‘African American’. So you can’t decide it they are ‘blacks’ or ‘African-Americans’? No doubt about it, you have a vivid imagination hence your story on this site and your lust for small children of any race is your way to wield power. You are a racist at heart. Admit it.

  • You’re just mad because I’m doing something I enjoy. If I can infect these guys with a fatal disease, I’m doing the world a favor. I don’t care if they’re black or white. The blacks are just easier to lure in for their infection. Get it now, redneck?

  • Love your story..need some help? Yummy creamy sperm..from huge, beautiful black dicks... I’m in..

  • Did it start when you were in the penitentiary? Or have you always been a worthless sponge sponge?

  • I don’t know. I was fed drugs and raped by a family member and thrown on the street to survive at 15. So I like dick. Get over yourself.

  • Enjoy your HIV, felcher!

  • I LOVE SUCKING BIG BLACK COCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That’s what all imbeciles say.

  • Racist= tiny penis. Fact.

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