Nude art model

Summer of 2019 I was work the art department at the local university. Three days each week I was the nude figure for the art class. There were only two rules stay still and stay flaccid. So of course I jerked off before each class. Through the six weeks I modeled only one woman approached me, her name was Loraine. She was a retired school teacher that loved art. Lorraine asked me to model at her house in her garden and she would pay me. Of course I agreed I was a broke college student. That weekend I go to Loraine’s house, it was nice with an amazing garden like it was from a magazine. She showed me where to put my things and then she bashfully asked me if I minded to be nude while I posed in her garden. It was cute how she asked so I agreed. Loraine told me where I’d be sitting and she’d meet me out there. So I undressed snooped around her house some and went to the garden to wait for her. After a few minutes Loraine came out but she was only wearing sandals. Before this moment i had not looked at Loraine from the neck down. But for her age, not bad. Good size tits that hung a little but not to much, a little bit of a stomach and a thick 70’s style bush. But her skin was flawless, smooth dark brown and glistening in the sun. And at that moment my body reminded me I forgot to do one thing. When she got closer a shy smile covered her face and she asked “is that because of me?” And I told her of course. That was the truth I was hard immediately when I saw her and I stayed that way through the whole time painting me.

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  • I posed several times when I was in college. The art professor loved the fact that I had nice muscles and a 6 pack, so she always wanted me to pose nude. I did several in jeans too. She wanted her students to focus on the V right above my jeans, so she pulled my jeans down to where they just covered my cock. I'm pretty sure she wanted to have sex.

  • For extra cash, I posed a few times, and in one of the classes was my daughters ex boyfriend

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