First cock sucking

I'm 60 and want to suck another cock hopefully shave. Sucked once 8 years ago, loved to suck his balls and when he cummed I swallowed every drop. I want to do that again. Also I eat pussy big or little women I'll get them off

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  • I kept looking at the porn magazines that had a centerfold of a girl holding a guy’s dick. Seeing her with it in her mouth was the best. I would drive to a rest area and look at it at a park bench late at night. Over the years lots of guys would approach me and quickly the conversation would be on the photos where I would say how happy I am when I get to suck on a dick. Almost all of them would gladly let me suck them off. Letting me suck every drop off cum out of their dick.

  • The thought of sucking another mans dick was disgusting until i watch some gay porn, i watched a white man sucking a big dick of a negro he could hardly get it his mouth, i was hooked, i cant do deep throat i gag when i try it i must be something wrong

  • I love to eat pussy irrespective of race, color or age but mature ones are the best.

  • Well your a queer prick is all I can say

  • I shared an apartment in college with a guy for two years and it had been several years since I had sucked a guy off. I asked him one night after quite a bit of back and forth about sex with women if he had ever just had oral with a guy and he told me no then asked if I had so I told him that back in my younger days a few of us would just suck each other off now and then. He was curious about it and after telling him that my first time was in the dark while at a sleep over he asked me if I would do it again. He told me he was not sure he would want to give me head but would really enjoy a great blow job if I wanted to do it. He went to his room and got naked then turned off the lights and waited for me to come in and do it, I was really excited about it and had a great time pleasuring him.

  • This is a dream cum true

  • Sounds interesting

  • I was 9 and I enjoyed it.

  • Fuck off pedo.

  • WTF I'm 56 and if I ever start thinking like you do I will blow my brains out.

  • I’m 64 shaved, married, kids, etc. over the years have been with a buddy of mine countless times, name it, we’ve done it, a few times we got his wife involved, id fuck her from behind and when I was ready to cum I’d pull out and he’d suck me off then the three of us would share it,,him and I had some good times

  • Sounds good

  • Where do you live?

  • Who are you asking?

  • I haven't got to suck my first one yet but I really want to I want it to be a tiny dick I want to taste the c** out of it

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Ask your self why

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