Unexpected phone sex.............for

I was working as a plumber at a bar and was unloading material out of my truck when i noticed the lady that worked at the eye glass store next door. she was blonde, tall and gorgeous. she had on a yellow dress that was so fucking tight i could see her panty line which drove me so crazy that i had to step into the wash room to crank one out. i spilled about a quart of nut into the urinal. after my job was done i called it a early day and went home and couldnt stop thinking about this woman so i called the place. i used *67 to block my number from her caller id. when she answered to phone i told her i saw her and described what she was wearing and told her i jerked off thinking about her. she hung up so i called her back about 10 min later. and asked her describe her panties. she said do you always call women at work and ask them these questions? i said no and she said call me tonight and gave me her cell number. that night we talked for 2 hours and i found out she is married and has kids. she is 45 years old and looks fantastic. we masturbated together and came a few times. i called her at work a few days later and told her to take off her underwear and put them in a plastic bag and place them next to the dumpster behind her building. that evening i looked there and sure enough she left her little blue panties for me with a note that said enjoy. i used them as a jack rag that evening. we have had phone sex many times since then. and either of us have any idea to meet each other in person

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  • I was killing time at the Mall, I did some work there and I was done for the day.
    In the book store I picked up a book 100 Sex Positions. Soon after Linda does the same. At first were both embarrassed. I'm 38 married, she 52 married. She has $1,000 Gucci boots on, her outfit screams rich lady. She's fit, c cup, sexy in a plain way. She brakes the silence "p54, how can they do that?" A couple was twisted like a pretzel, his dick buried in her saved pussy. We go back forth "check p 74" We do that about 10x. And she points out a more doable one. I say want to try doing that? "With you?" yes. she pauses -- deep breath '' Sure."
    She has as an Escalade and she follows me to a dirt road and we fuck like prom night. This was 3 years ago. We do it 20 more times at a ritzy cabin they have. We're on break because of the pandemic. She says I'm her only ever fling.

  • You don't know how lucky you are!

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  • Let’s chat

  • Dude fuck off

  • Awesome... please describe her dirty panties. Any skid marks or pussy hairs?

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