Female Dog

I always wanted to try this especially when I smoke some meth I was thinking of getting a cute female lab or golden retrever puppy 6months to a year old i would start training her the day I bring her i would already have a special room in my house set up only for play time with every thing I need like plenty of lube vibrators and a low bed im training her to the room so she learns when i take her into our room its for sex after a few monts she will learn exactly what I'm expecting from her when I take her cute lil ass when we go into our room. I would start her on day one getting her to lay down on the bed letting me pet her belly and around her puppy pussy getting her comfortable with me lightly touching her pussy feeling her lovely hot heat. Then she gets wiped down with disinfectant wipes nothing to strong to making her chafe over time after cleaning i will shave her pussy nice and slow so that I don't cut her anywhere then after I praise her for being a good little girl I as I start on her by eating her tiny little puss sucking on her making her tiny lil puss start pulsating hopefully it will open up a little like person giving me all access to her after tasting her delicious discharge feeling satisfied knowing she has busted a few times for me "she will taste alot different for a minute or two it will be really a different taste i find it to be extremely delicious from a puppy or young dog" its so good that you will start to chase them wanting more and more from her puss that's when I break out a little vibrator and go to town on it if she starts struggling to stay in place she will be strapped down with belly strap and by her paws praising her telling her she is a good girl making her comfortable with the straps before I continue milking her little dog puss for more cum using a tiny vibrator id put it right on her puss just pressing it firmly on her for 5 to 10 minutes at a time then directly eat it from her puss nice and hot or collecting for later consumption her cum will make you desired it all the time anyone who has ever tried it will say so.



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  • I would suggest to get on with a cow or mare or sheep. They are better ...

  • I fucked a cow in heat - OMG! great experience. She was quiet enjoying it too!!

  • Hey fucking druggie! Quit writing this crap high on meth.

  • Jesus. Please do not get a dog. Get a lobotomy.

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