Pussy whipped and blind

I was 18 when my buddy introduced me to his younger sister. He bet me 10 bucks I wouldn't go straight in tell her who I am and shove my tongue straight down her throat...Well I did exactly that...Wow he did me a favor.What a little hottie ,blonde and the body of a 20 year old though she was much younger..
She was mine from that day forward. I was over everyday helping him rebuild his hot rod and messing with his sister every chance no one was looking. She had many orgasms on my finger before we were left alone long enough for me to get up in her...

When her Dad found out it was a real honest to goodness shotgun wedding..It was in the mountains of Tn. where girls usually marry young..

What a sex pot she turned out to be. She couldn't get enough dick. We'd fuck everywhere. We'd start fucking in a snow bank ending in mud puddle. Her panties were always wet.We experimented,she didn't have the word no in her vocabulary.She masturbated with brushes and even kitchen tools,she was always playing with her pussy.Looking back on it she was what boys always termed a Nympho.. She was a sperm guzzling,fucking machine. We fucked so much her pussy was swollen and raw all the time.
I'd come home from work,she'd greet me at the door hot wet and ready. She was always ready.

One day we were having a cookout with friends . Her girlfriend from up the street was flirting with me IN her hot little bikini..She's says to me To come see her anytime.She laughed when I told her I was true to my wife..She told me my wife was fucking several men on our street including her husband that it was only fair we did it too...

This news stabbed me in the heart,I loved my life so much,she wouldn't do such a thing while I'm at work slaving to pay for our nice house and property. Would she? Is it true love is blind? I didn't want to believe it. The more I thought about it the more some things made sense like her always swollen wet Va-jj . The way she begged me to put it in her butt when she used to hate it.

So I started watching closer how the other husbands in the group would touch her butt,tweak a nipple when no one was watching or so they thought.Love is blind, what an idiot I was.
Then it happened....She told me she was pregnant. I said by who? She said you of course....I said if you'll remember back before we married We didn't use protection because I was born sterile, I can't have children,remember?


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  • Sounds like you married the prefect wife. She is a keeper. I would

  • Sounds like she is just horny.

  • Like she would forget her husband is sterile.

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