Too horny

I am constantly horny. My P is always wet. My thoughts are always hot, wild, confusing, hungry for sex. When at home, I mb a lot! I cannot get enough. In public, I want to be an exhibitionist and wear as little as possible. I must have a medical condition.

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  • You're a lucky woman , it's a gift , I'm a man and have always felt that way , l do tease my cock but l save all my milk to share , but if I were a woman l would always play with my pussy when l wasn't fucking like a slut , shame we can't meet and share each other , nyc

  • My wife is just like you. Some people call it over sexed. Some say it's just being slutty. She's just a horny woman. She definitely has a higher sex drive than me. She has dildos and vibrators she masturbates with. And sometimes she will find a guy to fuck her real good. Ive come to except how she is.

  • You have to switch it up till you find what works. The same ole, same ole gets old, like my husband. I am taking a liking to a woman for the first time. My neighbor joins me swimming and I cannot help but think of her jingling ass riding my face. When she's not looking, I give myself a little rub, more like a graze. My clit is very sensitive so it doesn't take much. I particularly like when she is lounging with her eyes closed and her legs open in a wet tight one piece swimsuit. It's a bit sheer showing outlines of her mound, and petite, fit body. Her brown aureoles and nips of her firm breast shine in the sun through what is almost see-through. I can all but taste her P. I pain with wantonness and wetness. I am torn between her staying and me running her off. When she leaves, I erupt as my body shakes with pleasure. Most times I don't even bother taking my suit off. I cannot wait that long.

  • You just sound healthy. Be happy and take advantage of it

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Nope, sounds like you are just normal and honest

  • I start with a cup of copy and then I masturbate for half an hour so I don't go crazy all day. Sometimes I loose discipline and go for maybe an hour, but then I get stressed because I have to make up for lost time in preparing for work. My husband leaves earlier so there are no distractions. I have learned to concentrate on my clit and use my imagination from a-z, and maybe I have included you at one time or another.

  • Sounds like you are just horny.

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