My pre mature cumshot. Too hot.

Im a single 43 year old man. I haven’t gotten laid in three years. This app s the story of the last time I got laid.

The thing that turns me on the most, is a female, big round ass. I love it.
I met this girl a few years ago at a college I was attending. She was 28 years old, black, beautiful, long hair, big tits, and an ass like a basketball. It was jaw dropping. This ass was absolutely beautiful.
We became friends. She was leaving for B.C. In a few weeks and had a boyfriend there.
She knew I liked her ass. And she knew I liked her. She kinda just thought I was cute, but knew she was way out of my league.
The last night we hung out, smoking weed and talking, she out of the blue said “ I think we should at least see each other naked before I leave to go back home”. I laughed and said “be careful what you joke about. I might just take you up on it”. She said she was serious and actually began to get undressed while giggling. “Come on” she said.
I very quickly got naked. I was hard immediately. She looked at my dick and giggled. Probably at my lack of size. And the fact that I was so hard so quick.
She turned around and showed me what her ass looked like in a thong. After she turned, she pulled the thong down to her feet.
“You have an amazing ass” I said. It was so amazing. Smooth, so round, perky, firm but moved just enough.
“I wish you could sit on my face” I said.
“SURE!” She said.
I was in disbelief. I asked her if she was serious and she said absolutely. I quickly lay down on the bed and on my face she got. It was so fucking good. This big round beautiful ass was in my face. I was just loving it. She would play with my dick just a little bit. I was so horny at that point. I knew she was way too hot for me. And the fact that she was giggling was just making me even horny here. It’s like she was just giving me sympathy. Because she thought I was cute and sweet and might as well give me a thrill. Finally I told her that I had to fuck her.
She laughed and said “you really wanna fuck me” and turned around doggy position.
“Ohhhh yes” I said and moved up behind her on my knees.
I looked down at her ass and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Her ass didn’t flatten out and spread apart like a fat ass word. It’s stayed perky and round. My dick next to it looks so small. I put my dick in and stroked in about three times and had to pull it out. She laughed and asked me if I was going to come already. I said “oh my God I can’t handle you”
I put it back in and again after three strokes I had to pull out. And again she laughed. She said “come on baby fuck me”.
I put my dick in and stroke about three times and this time I kept going. Right after that fourth stroke I started coming. I kept it in for maybe a few strokes after I came and had to pull out. I was done. I couldn’t fuck this girl. She was too hot. From the time I put it in to the time I pulled it out when I actually came with about 10 seconds. That’s how amazing her ass was to me. And how beautiful she was. She was too much for me. A 10 second fuck and it’s my last fuck in three years.

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